Fearless Series

What's it like to live a Fearless life? I'm on a journey to find out. Join me?

I joined Nester last year for her 31-days series. It was definitely harder than I thought it would be writing for 31 straight days. And as you'll see, I didn't. Life got in the way. That's ok, I tried.

I learned a lot about fear in these 31-ish days, maybe you will too?

Fearless 31 Day Series (Day 1)

Do It Anyways (Day 2)

Grace Unplugged (Day 3)

Dare You To Be You (Day 4)

Have I Not Commanded You? (Day 5)

How Community Is Born (Day 6)

Keep Showing Up (Day 7)

I Am Strong (Day 8)

In Your Strength (Day 9ish)

What is your 300? (Day 10)

Being Myself Involves No Fear (Day 11)

Bold and Strengthened (Day 12)

I Want To Be Brave (Day13)

If We Knew (Day 14)

Praise Defeats Fear (Day15)

Whom Shall I Fear? (Day 16)

You Have a Warrior Fighting For You (Day 17)

Whom Shall I Fear? (Day 18)

Die Many Deaths (Day 19)

Fear In Numbers (Day 20)

Why I Want To Stop Being Fearless (Day 21)

FMF-Grace (Day 22)

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