Friday, February 27, 2015

Move Your Booty!

Benefits of exercise:
  1. Boosts Mood
  2. Boosts Energy
  3. Controls Weight
  4. Combats diseases
  5. Helps you live a longer and healthier life
  6. Promotes better sleep
  7. You will feel better about your body 
  8. Increase desire for sex (blush)

I'm in a love-hate relationship with exercise.

I love when I'm done, but boy, can I procrastinate doing it.

The key is finding what works best with your body.

If you can handle HIIT (high intensity workouts) then great, do them. They are awesome for your body. But if you feel like you need to lay down and take a nap afterwards, they may be too much.

Your hormones, adrenal glands, or thyroid could be off and doing too much will make them worse.

I found this out during my years of trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing if your body is sick. (<==Click To Tweet)

For me I like long walks while listening to music or podcasts.

Some days I will add in yoga and pilates or if I feel up to it weights.

I had to really start listening and taking cues from my body. If my thyroid was low (I could tell because I would be bone-tired, colder than usual, and feel 'off.') I rested.

Regardless of which workout plan you decide on just move your booty! Do something for yourself today. Your future self will thank you!

Want to join a 30 day accountability group? Find out more HERE.

Action Step: Take a walk today! Look up at the sky, notice the colors, the trees, the birds. Enjoy yourself.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Take My Hand

I remember when my kids were young and they wanted to hold my hand when they were unsure of their next step when they were wee-bits learning to walk.

They would look up with their eyes so full of expectancy and trust, reach up with their baby soft chubby fingers and wait for my hand to grasp onto theirs.

Once they felt my hand, they happily and confidently took their next step forward.

They knew.

The knew I would be there.

They would reach up confidently without giving a second thought that maybe I wouldn't be.

They knew I wouldn't let go and wouldn't let them fall.

That is how I picture God with us.

Waiting for us to reach up and grab hold of the waiting hand that is there when we want it. When we need it.

Waiting for us to remember He is there with an outstretched hand to guide us through the unknown future.

I've always been the girl that begged God for a sign, anything to let me know I was on the right path.

But maybe all I've really needed to do was draw close and take the hand that was waiting to be held.

In the silence.

In the whisper.

That is when I sense His presence. That is when I know. It doesn't matter what the future holds or if I am on the right track. Being close to the One that holds my heart, whom has the stars numbered, and my hairs (even the gray ones) counted is the only true thing that matters in this life.

I take His hand and my breathing slows. My heart fills with knowing. I am Held. And I can trust that just like I wouldn't let go of my little new walker, He won't let go of me.


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Friday, February 20, 2015

Health and Freedom with Essential Oils

Get ready to be blown away by my friend Mandy. She has a testimony on the benefits she has received from using essential oils. If you've ever wondered about essential oils and what they do, you are in for an educational surprise!

I was living a toxic life.


I’d wake up in the morning and pop a toxic pill to support my thyroid and then brush my teeth with toxic toothpaste. (Have you ever read the back of a tube of toothpaste? Hello, poison control!)

I’d shower using toxic soap, toxic body wash, toxic shampoo and conditioner, and toxic shaving cream.

After eating breakfast that may or may not include toxic processed food and toxic petrochemicals from a plastic cup, I’d move on to my beauty routine.

You know what’s coming, right? Toxic chemicals from foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, mousse, and hairspray.

That’s all within the first few hours of the day.

As a child, I suffered from respiratory issues and allergies. My body experienced a host of various medications and treatments that have continued, in part, to the present. Over time, I added chronic headaches, body aches, fatigue, and brain fog to my list of maladies.

I chose traditional OTC and prescription meds to treat my symptoms, as many people do. I didn’t learn until recently that the liver cannot process all those chemicals.

My body was not happy.

Nor were my emotions.

With all the toxins I continually ingested, it’s no wonder I felt terrible. It’s an overwhelming and depressing pit from which to climb out. It felt impossible to muster the will and energy to make diet and exercise changes.

Until I discovered essential oils.

A simple offer from a friend to attend an informational class was the prompt I needed to open the door to realistic change. My eyes were opened to the sheer number of toxins I was unknowingly exposing myself to each day—and the effect of those toxins on mind, body, and spirit.

Once I learned what essential oils actually are and what they can do—in a gentle yet effective way, I was excited to get started.

What are essential oils? Simply put, they are the immune system of a plant.

What can essential oils do? In plants, essential oils oxygenate cells, balance hormones, protect against and fight disease, and repair cellular damage. When extracted from plants properly, these qualities can work similarly in human bodies. In other words, essential oils can support all body systems and even flush toxins from the body. (Source)

These are not the often-adulterated, perfume grade essential oils you can walk into a store and pull off the shelf. After becoming aware of all the toxins I had been putting in my body, I wanted a nontoxic solution. I chose Young Living, a company that offers just that: a process that controls oil production from seed to seal, ensuring 100% pure, therapeutic grade oil. 

Because they own their own farms and value the health of their employees and customers, they tolerate no fillers, chemicals, or adulterations of any kind in their products.

How do I use the oils?
  •      A drop of lemon in my water each morning to help me wake up and flush out toxins
  •         Endoflex rolled over my thyroid three times a day to support my endocrine system
  •        Peppermint applied topically for happy muscles, lungs, and sinuses
  •      Thieves in my diffuser to purify the air and support immune function
  •       A drop of lavender for bug bites, calming, and healthy skin
  •     Stress Away on my neck or in my diffuser for calming
  •     Cedarwood, Vetiver, Valor, or Peace & Calming on the spine, bottoms of the feet, behind the ears, or on the bottoms of feet for restful sleep

How do I apply oils?
  • Topically: a drop or two rubbed right on my skin. If an oil is known to be hot or warm, I add a few drops of a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil. 
  • Aromatically: I diffuse favorite oils or rub them in my hands and breathe them in. 
  • Internally: a drop or two in my water, in recipes, or in capsules I prepare.
Not all essential oils are suitable for ingesting. Only those guaranteed pure and labeled as nutritional supplements should be ingested. I only recommend Young Living for this reason.

What results have I seen?
  • Healthy energy levels 
  • Balanced moods and emotions 
  • A stronger immune system—no trips to the doctor for any family members since starting oils 
  • Happy muscles 
  • A controlled appetite

Overall, incorporating Young Living essential oils into my life and family has provided a higher level of functioning for us and empowered us to take control of our health. We spend less time missing school or in germy offices and waiting rooms. These changes gave me the boost I needed to focus on further lifestyle changes like diet and exercise.

An unexpected benefit from enrolling with Young Living was a shift in my scarcity mindset to an understanding of the world as a generous and abundant place. My interactions with the corporate office and leaders in the company have taught me what servant leadership looks like both professionally and personally.

And…I’m on the path to financial freedom! I’m blessed to be plugged into a great team with abundant training and resources. Their example in running their individual businesses has shown me how to run mine in a way that will allow me to become the primary source of income for our family of six.

Essential oils are not just about clean living. They are, as Young Living reminds us, about wellness, purpose, and abundance.

I’d add that they are also about freedom.
To learn more about Young Living Essential Oils or find out how to get started, please visit my blog.
I pray that 2015 is your healthiest, freest year yet!
I am not a licensed medical practitioner. The information in this post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure. Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. Each person’s body chemistry and lifestyle is different,
and results may vary.

Mandy Mianecki is a wife and mom of 4. She is passionate about encouraging others in their healing journeys from brokenness to wholeness; in uncovering their unique kind of God-breathed brilliance; and in living in the freedom won by Christ. A God-sized dreamer, art-maker, lover of the color turquoise, avid oiler and Nutella-eater, Mandy is also a contributing writer at God-sized Dreams.


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