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Let's Talk!!! Have a question or comment drop me a note in the form below. Want to guest post? Here are some details. I'd love to have you!

 I would love to have guests with posts on how God has redeemed something broken from your life, inspirational, or anything that is encouraging.

  • It can be an original post (preferred) but doesn't have to be. Please keep it under 800 words!
  • Email me your pictures (with proper credit) and your post (as a word document) to asimersky (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Send me a short bio along with your FB link and Twitter handle along with any other social networks you can be followed at and head shot so that I can put it with your post
  • The day it goes live on your site have a link directing your readers to this site so they can read and comment.
  • I will promote on FB and Twitter.

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