Monday, October 14, 2019

Burn It Down

"I will take action against you, My sinful children, burning off whatever is worthless, purging whatever is impure." (Isaiah 1:25 VOICE)

"But who can endure the day of his coming, and who can stand when he appears? For he is like a refiner’s fire and like fullers’ soap." (Malachi 3:2 ESV)

Do you ever feel in your heart and down to your very bones God is doing something new and good in you, but it hurts like hell? My time in the Lord has been this lately. I couldn't keep these words to myself, I had to share them with you. We may be in the fire but we are not alone. And when we know, really know He is with us, we let Him have His way. Because if we trust Him, we know in death there is life. 

Burn it down, The Lord Said.

All will be ash. And from the ash will be your remaking. You will rise from the ashes. Like a warrior after the battle, you will rise. 

All that hindered...fear, worry, burned away. No more apart of your story.

The enemy attacked and thought he had destroyed you. Little did he know, the One who is in you is mightier than in this world. You will rise.

You will rise from the ashes. 

You will put your sword in the ground and fight the fight in confidence and good faith. Endurance is rising in you. Courage is rising. The battle is won.

Wipe the sweat from your brow.

Calm your shaking hands.

Slow your breath.

You are rising.

I allowed it.  For your good. 

Now, you know. Declare with a shout, your battle cry, BURN IT DOWN!

God, it hurts. The burning away feels like death. Surrendering to Your will and not my own is letting go of what is familiar.

Through the smoke and ash, I cry:

If it's not for me, let it burn.

If it's not for my good, let it burn.

If it's not Your will, let it burn.

Let it burn, and I will rise.

The battlefield is no place for worry or fear, it must be burned down. If you want to have victory, you must claim your authority in Jesus Christ. And let the rest burn down and be remade in Him.

"God is a refining fire." (Deut 4:24)

Down to ashes but hope rises.

"O that in me the sacred fireMight now begin to glow,Burn up the dross of base desireAnd make the mountains flow
On the aged and the young let it fall,
Thy promise now fulfill,
It will guide us on to Truth—let it fall,
And sanctify the whole.
O that it now from heav’n might fall,
And all my sins consume!
Come, Holy Ghost, for thee I call;
Spirit of burning, come!" (Charles Wesley,
O That in me the Sacred Fire)

What is being burned out in you? May I encourage you today, to not run from the fire but let it do its work. Holy fire meant to purify and set a spark. A spark to set a blaze and set the world on fire for Him.

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