Thursday, December 6, 2018

In The Potter's Hand

"It's called grog when you take a piece of already fired clay, and break it and shatter it just right, and add those shattered pieces to the fresh clay. A really wise potter knows how to shatter that pottery that needs to be added - the grog that needs to be added to the fresh clay -  the potter knows how to shatter it just right. 
If you shatter it too much, it won't add structure to the fresh clay, But if it's not shattered enough, the pieces will be too big and too sharp that when the potter's hands form it, it will cut the potter's hands and they'll bleed." Lysa Terkeurst, First Five App weekend teaching (Dust in the Potter's Hands)
We've heard it said that God takes the broken pieces of our lives and puts them back together again, heck I've used that line in reference to myself numerous times this year.

What if God doesn't put the pieces back but instead makes something totally different and better than before?

Bigger and Better-I stopped the devotion and thought, "What if all this time God wasn't putting me back together but making something bigger and better out of my brokenness?"

Sometimes it feels like all that's left is dust, but as Lysa mentions in the devotional, dust mixed with Holy Water (tears) forms clay. We are formed from dust. And dust is what we'll be after we die.

I never stopped to think of the symbolism of dust before. But dust is exactly what God uses.

What we think of as unusable, broken, shattered, with God it's the exact opposite. When we give God our dust He forms, molds, makes.

Nothing stays broken.

Nothing stays dust.

Trust is a five-letter word that always seems to trip me up. How can I trust God to make something beautiful when all I see around me is broken sharp pieces and a whole lotta dust?

I start right there, with my dust.

I get honest about my doubts and my fears. Some days I get angry because life was not supposed to look like this.

It helps to know, God sees our tears and in His sweet way, He uses them for the clay. He's molding and making us new.

And while we're still in the forming process and ready for the kiln (the final heating process of pottery. It changes the structure of the clay and turns it from weak to strong) I will trust Him.

I can't wait to see the masterpiece He is making out of us.

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