Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tangible Gifts of Encouragment

A little encouragement goes a long way, don't you agree? 

I'm over at God-sized Dreams today with some great gift items to encourage the dreamer in your life. Even if they aren't a dreamer they may love them! ;)


This month we are focusing on how we can give the gift of encouragement to our fellow dreamers.

As a dreamer myself, it always means so much when someone gives me a gift that acknowledges that part of who I am. Today I'd like to share some gift ideas with you for the dreamers in your life. (Or yourself!) :)

Let's begin with our ever-so-comfy t-shirts. I have several different ones and can attest to the quality and comfort of each one. The slouchy sweatshirt is so soft I could sleep in it. The long sleeved tee is loose around the middle (which I love!) and long enough to cover my, rear. And all the skinny jeans wearers rejoice! Did you know we have a storefront at TeeSpring?

We've designed slouchy sweatshirts, long-and-short sleeved v-neck and athletic shirts, and a coffee cup design. All of those are available in a variety of styles and colors (if you click on an individual item it will let you see the other available styles, colors, and sizes) and most are less than $25.

Join me?


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