Thursday, August 10, 2017

My time in the outer courts

The last couple of years I've been tired. I could name numerous reasons, but when we moved back to Auburn three years ago, I knew I needed rest.

When we finally found a church home I asked God to just let me rest. I had no desire to jump in to serve I just wanted to attend, listen, and worship. He let me. I never felt pressured or guilted for needing rest. I was in a season of listening.

And listening prepared me for the storm that was brewing.

Now more than ever I am aware of the very real enemy who is constantly circling us, waiting and watching for his moment to pounce.

I realize now I moved from the gates out into the outer courts and though I needed to take a step back from writing and doing, the enemy saw me as being complacent and lazy. He was wrong. I was just resting up for battle.

The last few years since being back in Auburn have been some of the toughest. But...there's always a But. But, God has brought some of the fiercest prayer warriors into my life. Women who storm the gates of heaven and call on God in some of the mightiest and most powerful ways I have ever experienced.

I was able to spend a couple of days with a few of them at the lake a couple of weekends ago in the form of a spiritual retreat called, Out of the Wilderness.

For me my life lately has felt a lot like being an Israelite. Round and round I've gone with myself, others, and God. Doubting, trusting, believing...doubting, trusting, believing...over and over.

When I pulled out of the dirt and gravel drive of that lake house I felt like God has spoken to me the way He did the Israelites when they were walking in circles in the hill country. In Deuteronomy 2:3, He tells them it's time to move forward, you've circled long enough. He too told me, It was time.

The outer courts is fine for a season...a very short season...but in our day and age, we can't afford to stay there long. The battle rages regardless if we choose to stay and engage or not.

I'm ready to run through the gates. I'm ready to serve. I'm ready to take my place on the battle lines, geared up and rested. The battle is fierce and it's not time to be lukewarm, complacent, or a culturally comfortable christian. We are called. And one that is called does not sit.


p.s. Do you know how to get rid of HelloBar at the top of my site page? I've tried EVERYTHING.

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