Monday, February 6, 2017

Who or What Do I Love?

What do I love?

This question has been floating around in my head the past few weeks. And then I read a post by Lisa Jo Baker titled, If You Are What You Love, What Are You?. In her post she wrote, "For me, my love is always in tension. My love of self in tension with my love of the Gospel and my desperate love to live up to the gifting God has entrusted me with."

I look within to search for what it is I put first and value most. What would those closest to me say that I value? Would it be that I love my alone time way too much? My phone or computer? Or, what about the book that I can't put down, and when my daughter beckons me to come help her with a project for the umpteenth time, I keep impatiently replying, "One second, let me get to the end of the chapter!"

What do I love? Really?

I love God and the idea of being radically different. But then when I'm misunderstood, I realize I love people-pleasing more.

Being different means I will be misunderstood because that is what being a Jesus follower is all about.

Oh, yeah. What I really love is the acceptance and approval of man, not God.
The Bible says to expect and welcome hard times, so I declare, "Bring on the rain! I've got the faith to handle what comes my way!" But then the downpour comes, and I cry and question, Where are you God?

I see very clearly how much my heart loves comfort and ease.

I'm over at God-sized Dreams today, click on over to read the rest...:)

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