Monday, November 14, 2016

Courage and Grace To Keep Dreaming

I'm jumping in here to share a guest post I have up over at God-sized Dreams today! My life is a little crazy at the moment, and I'm praying soon I will have the space to sit and write again. But for now, it feels good to be here and there. Let me know how you are!

If I had to say what I needed more of, it would have to be courage and grace

More courage to take those leaps of faith with my eyes open instead of sealed shut like a scared little child. 

Courage to hope, dare, and dream in spite of maybe looking stupid, even if it's only me that thinks so,...especially when there is the possibility to fail.

And grace for those times I do fail or come up short and want to beat myself up instead of starting over, again.

For a while dreaming with other like-minded dreamers began to feel like a curse, because it seemed like we all had similar dreams, to write. 

But as I read Holley's book I came to realize that "even if someone else's dream looks, sounds, or even feels like yours-it's not the same." 

Comparison was indeed nipping at my heels and I started to wonder why in the world would 

God give everyone the same dream?

He didn't.

As I looked closer, each of us on the team may want to write, but God has laid different plans on each of our lives. Some are writing on their journeys to adopt, some are dealing with painful pasts, some share through photography...etc. 

Please join me at God-sized Dreams to read the rest. See you there!

P.S. God-sized Dreams has a new linkup called #DreamTogether on Mondays. Everyone is welcome to linkup an encouraging post!



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