Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wrapping Up The Calling All Men Series

Thank you for being here each week as we dove into this series. And thank you to each of the guest writers.

I struggled with how to wrap up this series. I almost left it with Valerie, but then decided, no, it needs a definite ending.

This is my attempt to put into words what I'm thinking and feeling. The heart behind the why of the Calling All Men series.

I've had friends over the years go through terrible divorces and lately it's even hit closer to home. I see men behaving badly even as adults and I wonder, why they do not see the potential in themselves to be so much more than the way they choose to live?

I see men all around me behaving like they did when they were young adults. Why aren't they growing up?

Can't they see they are called to be leaders in their home?

Now before you go thinking I'm bashing men, let me clarify, I know women can be disrespectful, critical, or overbearing. And not all blame falls on the men. But if you were to look around in the media, the news stories, listen to a friend's breaking heart while she tells you what really goes on behind the closed doors of her home...something is seriously amiss in our men.

We women, we got our issues too.

I'm not sure what the answer is. But I do know that it makes me more fervent and diligent in the raising on my own son in ensuring he grows up to be responsible and mature. Selfless in all he does, humble, and kind. This is my hope and daily prayer for him.

I think it's important for parents of boys to prepare them for family life. I feel like the "jobs" and expectations of a girl are laid out for her, she's taught to cook, clean, do laundry-but I wonder-how well do we prepare a boy for his future responsibilities as a husband and father?

How can we as a family unit do a better job of preparing our boys to become men?

Does he understand how stressful it can be and how important it is to love and lead well despite the pressures?

I know of too many men that turn to porn, gambling, alcohol. I also know too many men who do not have a good grip on healthy ways to deal with life. Instead they internalize their anger and stresses and it comes out in unhealthy ways in the home.

There is a song by Todd Smith, and it's called, Calling All Fathers, and I think it sums up well my agenda with this series:

Where are the leaders

Where are the teachers

Where are the keepers 

of every home

There's an emergency

Greater than any other

Where are the ones

Who fight for their own

(Email subscribers can watch the video here.)

It's a call to all fathers to step and take the lead in their home. Calling all men, calling all fathers, we need you.

This concludes the Calling All Men series, I hope you enjoyed it and learned from these amazing ladies as much as I have.

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