Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Calling All Men ( A June Series + A Giveaway)

I know you've seen them, I have too. The hundreds of blog posts and websites dedicated to guiding and directing women in the ways of godly parenting, wiving, singling (that's a word, right?)

How to be better, do better. How to be more godly, loving, patient, kind...

But have you also noticed the lack of websites dedicated to men? Who's teaching them to be leaders, to be loving, kind, patient...?

I've taken the Bible studies, I've studied the verses, I've read the blog posts. All telling me how to love and respect my man. If I just do "this" then my marriage problems will fade away. If I only fix myself and let God worry about the rest then I will have true contentment and peace within my marriage.

I respect these blogs and their writers, I do. But they are missing the other half of the equation. The man.

I know, I know. We can't do anything to "fix" a man. And that is NOT what this series is about. 

Our men are facing a real spiritual battle. I strongly believe the enemy is out for our men. It's time for God to raise up a generation of godly men who not only believe, but live out the godly principles they hear about. 

Our men are not leading and loving well. They are falling prey to this world. They are giving in to what the world tells them will make them happy: money, control, materialism, porn, addictions...

More and more women are staying single because they refuse to settle for less than a godly man. Unfortunately, these women are staying single a long time...much longer than they anticipated.

Calling all Men.

Where are the godly men? Where in raising our boys are we falling short? Why are our boys not growing up and living out the faith they were raised on?

Our families are hurting and our marriages are in trouble.

I've been sitting on this topic for a while, and then I had the thought to ask some wise writing friends what they thought. Each writer agreed, our men are under attack! They each bring a different perspective and are in different stages of life.

I look forward to unpacking this subject with you, and hope, it blesses and challenges you.

Let me introduce you to my guests!

First up is  Jenn Ferguson sharing her story of how porn affected her marriage. I have a copy of her book to give away!

Linda Stoll has made a career out of being a counselor. I asked her, "What is the number one thing you have seen the most over the years?" Linda is a wise woman, and I look forward to sharing her post with you.

Elise Daly Parker is no stranger to dealing with the ups and downs of marriage. She has been married over 28-years! Elise is a life coach, great listener, counselor, writer, and speaker. You won't want to miss the wisdom she shares. 

As a single woman, Valerie Sisco shares her experiences with dating and how she navigates the dating field. I'm interested to read her post from the viewpoint of a single lady. 

To kick off the series I am giving away a copy of  Eternal Salvation DVD, I was given to review. It fit so well with the theme I'm trying to cover I felt giving it away was a must!

It's a redemptive story of a man named Jonathan Wright, who was a highly successful business man. He had it all. Beautiful wife, daughter, mansion in Los Angeles, weekly rounds of golf. Until one day he was struck with a brain aneurism...and an encounter with Jesus. Spiritually, Jonathan was a lost man. He wasn't very nice and made a game out of taunting the one christian that did work with him. Worldly speaking, Jonathan had it all...until one day he didn't, and all his "friends" no longer wanted anything to do with him.

The movie follows Jonathan (and his family) on his post-recovery journey and the transformation that can take place not only physically but spiritually if a man is willing to lay down all his pride and what he thinks he knows. God can and will do wonderful things in and through us.

I was crying happy tears in several scenes.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "Oh, great, another cheesy christian movie." I was thinking that too. There wasn't a whole lot of cheese, however, some of the acting was a little cringe worthy, but the message was worth watching through till the end.

A man, a successful man who has it all and has lived life his way on his terms comes face to face with God. He has to decide. Do I take the chance and find out who God is...or do I continue living life my way?

As a woman, and a wife, it's a hope for transformation that every woman wants to see in a man.

There is nothing sexier than a man who loves God and puts Him first in his life.


Now, to be entered into to win a copy of Eternal Salvation, leave me a comment about your thoughts on this series. I will randomly choose a winner and announce it next week!

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