Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Do Not Despise Small Beginnings

Are you a mom who has dreams but very little time to work on them? Me too.

I carve out space here and there, wondering if the day will come when I will have more time.

I know I will miss the dirty socks thrown across the living room floor, the dishes piled high threatening to crash to the ground below because of it's massive pile up (HaHa- Yeah right!).

I know my days are numbered when I will no longer sit through little league baseball games, junior high dramas, and ensuring all the homework gets done.

My littles are not so little anymore. The eldest is fifteen and the youngest is eleven.

Time is slipping away; and it feels as if my dreams are too.{Click to Tweet}

I'd love to write to you right now that I have it all figured out. That I keep all the balls in the air and don't even coming close to dropping one.

I'd love to write that my dreams are progressing and my family life is amazing, but I can't.

But do you know what I can write?

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