Tuesday, April 19, 2016

These are a few of my favorite things

These are a few of my favorite things that I'm really digging right now...


Lately I've been changing things up when it comes to my eating and fitness. I have hypothyroidism and so it makes losing weight a nightmare; and gaining as easy as merely smelling a brownie and feeling my waistband grow tighter.

I had seen on Pinterest and maybe Facebook too about a different way of eating called Trim Healthy Mama. Trim Healthy Mama is the diet craze created by two mama's, Serene and Pearl, from Tennessee, came up with this unique way of eating, wrote and self-published the book themselves and it went viral!

These mommas know what they are talking about and are down to earth, quirky, and know that hard-set dieting rules make for one hangry woman!

On Trim Healthy Mama, you eat good foods that are healthy and nourishing for your body, but in a different way.

You separate out your fuels (foods). All high-fat options are eaten together, no carbs.

All (good) carbs are eaten together with little to no fat.

And of course eat all the vegetables and berries you want.  Water in unlimited quantities along with some good for you drink options(you can find these recipes readily available on Pinterest, in the cookbook, and online).

How does drinking a yummy drink called The Shrinker sound to shrink fat cells?

Exhausted and stressed? Try The Singing Canary, a yummy lemon concoction that tastes like a lemon creamsicle.

Want to break the soda habit and detox your body? Good Girl Moonshine is for you!

The separation of fuels keeps your metabolism revved and guessing.

Admittedly, it did take me a couple weeks to get the hang of what I was doing and actually doing it right. But now I know which fuel I'm eating without thinking. There's no counting calories and you use common sense with the portions.

It's by far been the easiest "diet" plan I've ever been on, and for someone, that since having her thyroid go all cuckoo, I've actually lost a little weight! yay!!


As for exercise, I like to keep it short and intense.

I like Kate Horney at Beyond Fit Mom. I do a combination of Kate's workouts along with free workouts Youtube. Kate Horney is a fitness professional who specializes in hormones. If you've just had a baby or have hormonal issues and need help jump starting your weight loss, Kate is your girl!

I can testify to the fact she knows what she is talking about and her workouts, work! I subscribe through email and every once in awhile she offers the chance to try out a membership to her members-only program for only $1.

She sends out value-added emails with tips and recipes plus she is always doing free webinars that I always love to join. I always get so much out of them.

Some of my favorite FREE workouts are found on these channels. JessicaSmithTV, BeFit, BlogilatesPopSugar Fitness, and REFITREV. I used to count every calorie, in addition to using my heart monitor to see how many calories I burned in a workout. I HAD to do 45-60 min of cardio a day PLUS some sort of targeted training. I was killing my metabolism and hurting my body.

I guess the one thing I can thank my thyroid problems for is I've learned to treat myself in a more kinder, gentler way. I don't push a workout on myself when I'm tired, because I know it will only do more damage and make me more tired.

I know now what workouts work and are best for me.


I can see my sister rolling her eyes right now. She's way more the fashionista than I am. My style is comfortably cute.

I will wear something until it falls apart. I don't have the need or desire to hit the mall in my free time. But, I also don't wish to look homely.

I love tennis shoes and sandals and grimace at the thought of wearing heels all day. BUT, I have found a cute compromise. TOM's and BOB's. Cute shoes, comfortable shoes, and both give their money profits to good causes.

Also, since I love flip flops, I wear these all the time.

We love our local Old Navy and they have this newish style called Boyfriend Fit. It's a relaxed fit. I HATE skinny jeans. Hate them. Boyfriend fit  jeans are loose and feel worn-in. They even have tops in this style.

Speaking of comfy...God-sized Dreams just launched their Spring T-shirt Fundraiser. There are two different designs and a variety of colors and styles to choose from. The flowy tank of "Dreamers Gonna Dream," is calling my name. :) But the loose-fitting crew neck of, "Dream Chaser," would be a good option too...

So, what about you? What are you loving right now?

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