Monday, March 28, 2016

What is one app I use everyday?

What is one tool I can't go a day without using?


It's a one-stop app that everyone, even those that are not bloggers, will be glad they have in their virtual toolbox.

For me it's like a virtual sticky note. 

Long before I was using it to help me organize my blog posts and ideas I used for random note taking and grocery list making.

Have you heard of this app? Seriously, I'm not a very organized person. If I want to remember something I know me well enough to know that if it's important, I better write it down!

Evernote is an app for IOS or Android where you can add, sync, and organize notes, files, voice memos and more.

Here are a few examples of how I use it:
  • I jot down quotes that I come across online that I want to remember
  • I take notes from church sermons
  • I take notes from online web seminars
  • I draft blog posts
  • Recipes
  • I take snapshots of book pages to remember
  • Jot down blog posts ideas to remember later
  • Keep my different email logins organized
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