Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trust and Wilderness Living

Proverbs 3:5-6
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path."

There it is again..I flip open my devotional; I read a blog post; I scroll through social media and the words stare back at me...Trust in the Lord...

Reminding me who is in charge...not me, and though things happen in life that make no sense; like the death of a child, the spouse who walks away...the directive to trust is there, everywhere.

I'm confused, because I'm not really sure in what area I'm not trusting. Momentarily I start to wonder and fear. Is God preparing me for something that will occur in the future?

What's going to happen?

Is someone going to die?

Will my husband lose his job?

What devastation is waiting around the corner that God keeps reminding me to trust in him?

And then a visit with two God-sized Dreamers happens. A weekend to talk, pray, laugh in a safe place with safe women. And one reminds me of Elijah and the humbling circumstances he had to endure before taking his mighty place (1 Kings 19).

And another points me in the direction of a blog post and I read about the Israelites and the all too familiar wilderness wandering before they were allowed into their spacious place, The Promised Land (Numbers 14)

And the lightbulb goes off.

Even though faith and wisdom has replaced my insecurity and fears of the future what-if's, I could very well be in a wilderness season without realizing. Is this possible? To be in the wilderness without knowing?

I may trust and have faith, but I am guilty of complaining of good blessings God has given to me. Wanting and praying for his provision in a different way than what has been given.

God, forgive me for my Israelites ways. I will be grateful and not grumble.

The Israelites were in full blown crisis mode and deserved every year of their 40-years of roaming. Despite ALL that God had shown them. They doubted and feared.

I opened my Bible to Exodus and begin reading about their journey they saw an ocean literally split down the center right in front of them!

and they still doubted.

They saw bread from heaven fall from the sky to feed them.

and they still doubted.

They saw a rock in the desert flow forth water.

and yet they doubted

They heard God speak and lead them in a cloud.

and they doubted.

What was it going to take to get these people to believe!?

I don't doubt what God can do, because I've seen and experienced it with my own life.

I believe. So I realized, right now, I'm in a period of waiting and I guess in a sense, my own wilderness. I'm not sure what God is going to do, but I don't doubt that He will do it.

Life is filled with all kinds of uncertainties.

And the Israelites needed to trust God beyond their own understanding. They needed to believe that if they did, He would direct their paths. He wanted to. But they couldn't grasp the how part and so they grumbled and they doubted.

Today, we doubt because we do not understand HOW God is going to do something. But when we come to the understanding that it doesn't matter how and when, just that He will, then we can walk through the wilderness with peace and belief that we will be ushered into our promised day.

When the time is right.

What about you, when you find yourself in the wilderness how do you respond?

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