Friday, February 12, 2016

There's a new driver in my home. I'm old. Let's Pray.

As of today, I am old. How can I be old enough to have a FIFTEEN year old?!

My oldest turns 15 today, and will be attempting to obtain her driving permit. This is not only going to give me even more gray hairs than I already have, but I may just have to start taking anti-anxiety meds. At least I've convinced her it's actually safer to drive with ONE foot instead of TWO.

Bless her heart.

When your babies are little you don't think about how fast time is going to fly, it just does. Then next thing you know, they are walking, talking, have opinions and attitudes and teaching you things about life instead of the other way around.

I'm so proud of my fast-talking, moody, full-of-life teenage girl. She makes life interesting and never dull. She could also argue herself out of a paper bag and make Jesus himself roll his eyes in aggravation.

Trey and I still laugh at our favorite memory from when she was in Kindergarten. It was about this time of year because they were doing black-history. She came home so excited and insisted that Martin Luther King Jr. was the very FIRST president.

A quick online search to show her a picture of George Washington couldn't sway her, she knew what she knew and that was that.

We gave up. And informed her Kindergarten teacher, whom we were friends with, about Keeli's mixup. She got a nice belly laugh and promised to correct her.

Did I tell you she is stubborn? She could make more than a decent living as a lawyer.

But, if she loves you, she loves you for life, and is as loyal as she is stubborn.  Trey and I are better people for having the opportunity to be her parents. And one day, when we breathe the big sigh of relief at her high school graduation, 'cause we SURVIVED! We will know, life has been sweeter because of her.

To know Keeli is to love her and want to strangle her all at the same time.( I jest...sort of)

Bless her heart.

She takes her permit test today and if all goes well (meaning she memorizes everything and not just the signs. You see, a friend told Keeli not to worry about studying the entire driving book, just the signs and she'd do fine. I wish I could insert eye rolls here.), she will be driving Miss Daisy, me, around for the rest of my life. Or until she graduates and moves far away, which she threatens to do on a weekly basis, but I know she is just kidding. She loves me too much to ever move TOO far away ;).

She's always snapping selfies in the car and trying to get VERY unflattering shots of me in the process. Ha! Big wallet for the save.

I'm hoping she gets the driving thing down, 'cause you know, when she turns 16 I'm going to have her running errands for me like a BOSS. It's payback for all the years of being chauffeur.

It is a little sad thinking about my baby girl being old enough to drive, but I doubt I'll dwell too long. 'CAUSE I GOT AN ERRAND GIRL NOW!! Suckers!

Other than getting her permit the day of her birthday, she's been scheming all week how she's going to get out of going to school all day. I voted for half-day. Trey doesn't care. We'll see who wins.

Kids think it's sacrilegious to go to school these days on their birthdays. I get it, don't care, but I get it.

We are going to party like rock stars tonight to celebrate Keke turning 15, at least until 9 pm, then we'll go to bed, remember, I'm old.

Have a great weekend!

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