Monday, November 30, 2015

Are You Fair Trade Shopping This Christmas? PLUS Two Giveaways!

Hiya! I hope everyone had a full Thanksgiving!

Did anyone go shopping? I did.

I wasn't planning on it, but Trey and I were sitting on the couch after stuffing our faces and figured our full bellies and tightening pants could use some walking around.

We snagged a couple of good deals. But we weren't out early with the crazies so a lot of things were picked over. Now I'm trying to do some online shopping! Yay, for online shopping. Convenience shopping from your couch in your stretchy pants, does it get much better?

I want to tell you about an online shop I have recently discovered, not only can you shop in your comfy pants, but your dollars will make life-changing improvements to the artisans that created each item. It's called Come Together Trading:

If you look to the right ==> (click here if you are reading this in your email) you will see some shops I have added. They are not affiliates, I do not make any money if you purchase from them, but they are shops from dreamers who make and sell to make a difference in this world. You will find some very cool stuff if you click on one of the picture badges. Go ahead, I'll wait...




Oh, good, you're back! What did you think?

One of the things I love about Come Together is they find beautiful hand-made pieces from all over the country that you will not find anywhere else. Check this out from their About page:
"At Come Together Trading we believe in the importance and dignity of every human life.
We believe no one should ever have to go hungry, drink contaminated water, die of treatable diseases, or be forced to do terrible things against their will.
We believe everyone should have a chance for an education, safe and fair working conditions, and the opportunity to live out their dreams.
We also believe there are many ways we can "Come Together" to make our world a better place."
Terry and Tammy Marshall the dreamers behind, Come Together Trading decided they had to do something after visiting Africa with Compassion International. They joined forces with over 100 artisans in 30 different countries. When you purchase an item from their shop you are saying, NO to poor living conditions, NO to drinking contaminated water, NO to non-treatment for illnesses.

Spending that makes a difference? Sign me up!

I have partnered with them to give away two of my favorite ornaments from their Christmas selection. Two lucky people will win one of the ornaments shown below.

Olive Wood Star Creche

Peace Dove Ornament

How cool is that!?

To be entered click over to their site, leave me a comment here of your favorite item! I will choose two winners on Monday!

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