Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Time. Why Art Thou Leaving Me Behind?

He was born late afternoon on a Thursday. I wasn't ready to be a mom when his sister was born three and half years earlier. I was all shaky and dumbstruck then. The day Jackson was born I had grown into my mom-skin. Still not fully confident I knew what I was doing, but realizing I was born for this, motherhood.

He's made it so easy.

His jet-black hair and steel-blue eyes made my heart melt. I think he knew even then, he had my heart.

And today he still does. We will celebrate this weekend with a cookout and cake, but his official birthday is today, he is eleven! I can't believe it. And I can't help but to get weepy and sentimental. sigh.

I'm not sure I can handle all this growing up business. I'm already praying now for when the time comes to release you to the world I'll be ready. 

proof they really do LOVE each other! :))

My sweet Jackson, you have a temperament much like mine. You are quiet in your ways with a laid back disposition. You are kind to others and make friends easily. Everyone you meet adores you. Your wide-eyed innocence makes me smile.

You know what you like and don't, which is a good thing. You seem to find yourself caught in the middle with people because you just want everyone to get along and be happy. 

You don't like a lot of hugs (you get that from your DAD!) but I give them to you anyway. You've learned to tolerate them, which I'm thankful for :).

I pray you will grow up to love life and the people in your world. That you will never struggle with what you were created to do and have a heart that loves God and His ways. 

So many prayers I pray over you and your sister each day. I've written them all down in my journal, so that one day when I'm gone you can read them and see how God answered. 

Since your love language is eating good food (which I think you got from your PaPa) :), there will be many cupcakes and cinnamon rolls eaten this week in your honor. My shorts will not be pleased. 

But each bite will be worth it! :)

Oh, and please don't get hurt on that strange scooter your dad and I bought for you. I can already see you now trying to do tricks, jumps, and take sharp curves. You are all boy.

Happy Birthday, Son. 
I love you,


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