Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm About To Make You Look Like Mom Of The Year

I thought it would be a good idea to every once in awhile write out a mom-fail moment, uh hmm.

I have many, but this one from a couple years back is one we still laugh about.

Online it's easy to look at each other's filtered pictures and think, I wish my life was more put together like hers.

We forget behind the quick snapshot of an online post, where all we see are the smiles and fun times there are real moments of frustrations, pain, and failures

Here's one of mine...
Before I begin my story I would like to take a moment to drum up some sympathy for me :).

I was cold, Iowa was cold and the weather went to my head, I tell ya.

I had never lived more than 2 1/2 hours from my family. In the deep south if we have snow on the ground, oh heck who am I kidding even a threat of snow, the entire city closes down in anticipation of those tender white flakes.

In the south, if we are threatened with snow we are almost child-like. We stare eagerly out our windows wondering when we will see the first flake drift from the sky.

However in Iowa, a state known for it's massive amounts of snowfall, EVERY WINTER. They have learned to live through it!

They still go to work and school. They still get up each morning get dressed and DRIVE in their cars to where they need to be! Can I tell you how insane this is to me!?

For this southern girl, this was a shock to my system. Not only did I not want to be out in the blistery white stuff, I didn't want to drive in it either! However, when in Iowa, do what the Iowans do...

One morning there was ice (and you don't mess around with ice, I don't care who you are). School didn't cancel, it was delayed a couple of hours for the sun to come out and melt it so the buses could get through on some of the dirt roads. (Oh yeah, there are dirt roads EVERYWHERE)

I missed the alert on the school delay. So like any good mom would do I made the kids get dressed. I put on my snow boots (by far my most favorite thing about living in snow) got them in the car and drove them to school.

Yes, it was FREEZING. Yes, I grumbled and complained about having to get out in it. And YES, there was NO ONE there when I pulled up to the front of their elementary school.

Did I notice that there was NO ONE at school? NOPE. I thought it kinda odd there weren't a lot of cars in the parking lot. Usually there weren't too many anyways because most of the kids walked to school (no kidding). But definitely more than were there that day.

You know, there are some days I really should pay attention. Today was just not that day.

I pulled in, stopped my car, wished them luck and love on their day and was off for home to get another cup of HOT coffee and maybe a HOT shower.

I forgot to bring my cell, so when I walked in I checked it I noticed a miss call and voicemail. It was my daughter :).

She said, " Um, Mom? School was delayed. NO ONE IS HERE! We tried to flag you down but you didn't notice. You turned the corner and was gone!"

Thankfully for them the office manager had gone on into school (I wonder if this has happened before?) and let them in to call. Can you imagine what a duntz she thought of me?!

I turned right around hopped in my minivan and raced back up to the school. It was only a 5 minute drive so it didn't take me long to loop back into the empty school and pick up my not-so-happy-kids.

Keeli kinda thought it was funny. She was laughing and joking about it in the car. Jackson...not so much.

While Keeli is the more dramatic of the two, he was not happy with being dropped off when school wasn't open, lol.

Yes, I can officially say I am the mom who dropped her kids off at school and LEFT when no one was there. (I must have really been needing some quiet time :))

Thankfully we can all laugh about it now, actually I'm pretty sure I laughed when I got back home.

Now don't you feel better about yourself?  You're welcome!

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