Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Worth in Work?

Your worth doesn't come from your work:

I'm a stay at home mom

I'm a lawyer

I'm a secretary

I'm a writer

I'm a doctor

Maybe you find yourself in one of the titles above...maybe not.

I've spent a lot of time lately thinking about the smallness of my days. Wondering if my days matter even though they feel so ordinary.

"Do your everyday and your ordinary. Godliness is found and formed in those places." Jennie Allen
Is the way I live and love really more important than what I do?

Struggling with knowing that my worth doesn't come from a job title. Wondering what in the world is God up to and why won't He make the plans He has for me more clear (cause, I'd really like to help him out if he would ;))

Do blog posts matter when only a handful of people read?

Does writing without a book contract in sight (and not even an idea of one) matter?

I was hoping to be more consistent this year with posting here. But weeks will go by and the words aren't there. I've been wondering is my time up in this little space? Does God have other things for my hands to do?

And then I realized.

I've been putting too much weight in what others say or don't say is a more valuable use of time. I inadvertently stopped up the words and my own creativity by second-guessing myself.

I forgot the most important reason for doing something-If God calls you to it, you do it. period.

It doesn't matter what others say about your work as long as you know who you are.What you do matters, the lies that whisper they don't are static.

In God we find that what we do. How we are made is going to look drastically different from "Mary" next door.

When we constantly compare our life to what someone else's looks like we are only comparing to what we see from the outside. We don't get to see the inside. In reality she may be comparing her life to yours and wondering how she can get to where you are.

Isn't it funny how we always want what we don't have and always think the grass is greener? It's not until we decide in our hearts and minds to be content that we realize what we have is what we wanted all along.

"So we change the way we dress, think, and act so that they will approve of us. ...Instead we go through the motions to be someone we're not in hopes that we'll be loved." (Holley Gerth, You're Loved No Matter What)

Living starts when you stop worrying about what others think about your life.
Live to God's standard of success. Not others.

Can I get an amen?

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  1. Hi, Alecia! Oh, boy, sometimes contentment is a tall order! I have gotten much closer as I have gotten older. But, as a late bloomer, I have changed paths and pursued a variety of ventures. And, each has been worthy. I either learned or I served or I grew. So, even when our journeys are odd or unlike others, and, sometimes, don't excite or impress even ourselves, that's okay. They are getting us somewhere. Thanks for always making your readers ponder for a moment. Your words matter!

  2. I love the Jennie Allen quote about do your everyday. I've often questioned the ordinariness of my life, wondering if it really adds up to anything. I just have to keep telling myself the same truths that you do: if God calls us to do the ordinary, then doing it is extraordinary! It brings him honor, period. Regardless of how small it may look to the world. Beautiful post, Alecia. You get a resounding Amen from me! :)

  3. Thank you, Lisa! Thank you for the good reminder that doing the ordinary is extraordinary to God.

  4. Contentment is so hard isn't it? Like you, the older I get the closer I feel to it and then some days I have to remind myself life is good and just the way I want it. Such is life I guess. Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot!

  5. Oh, Alecia, I can 100% relate to your words and I have traveled this path myself. Identity is such a huge topic and for those of us who put value in what we do it can be such a snare when we get stuck questioning if what we do is enough...if it matters in the broad scheme. I love Jennie and her "Stuck Study" played a huge part in my journey. Especially with my writing, focusing on the approval of others - writing for them - took the joy out of the work. Just recently God whispered to my heart (you know how he does) to stop writing for "them" and go back to writing for Him and me. There has been freedom in that-and permission to write what He wants. Mine is to focus on the process, the results are His. I love your words, your honesty and transparency and the heart behind it. Keep on doing...I can't wait to see what He writes over your life!

  6. Oh, thank you so much Valerie! You are SO right. Even if it's only one it matters. I enjoy being here each week, unfortunately I can be my own worst enemy. Thank you for stopping by and blessing me with your encouragement.

  7. Yes, wondering if our day to day matters in the long run, in the grand scheme of things. While I was pondering this post I ran across others writing on the same thing. It was nice to know others were thinking so similar to me and were coming to the same conclusion, the smallness of days do matter. Thank you so much for your encouraging, kind words, Tiffany. I'll will have to check our her study, Stuck!

  8. I went through this whole season last year and what a difference it makes when we discover this truth and live by it! We are an original! Fashioned and designed by Him! Thank you for this beautiful reminder!

  9. Hello Alecia, I don't believe we've 'met'. So glad to be here, reading your honest sharing. I can so relate to wondering if my efforts in writing are making a difference, and wanting to know more of God's plan for my life. It struck me when you said you've been struggling with your worth. Recently, I learned a valuable lesson and wrote about it in my post 'Love of a Father' - "My Pastor explained that there is a big difference between being worthy and being deserving. None of us are deserving of the grace God has shown us. We have done nothing to earn it. But worth is vastly different. The worth of something is determined by the price that someone else is willing to pay for it. An old vase that a collector is willing to pay a million dollars for, is worth a million dollars regardless of what I may think of it. Jesus paid an extravagant price for us. He considered us worth the cost." I hope the reminder of your value in His eyes blesses your heart sweet one.
    Much love,

  10. Oh it did!! Thank you so much, Kamea. It's nice to finally "meet" you.

  11. Thanks for joining the conversation, Rachel.

  12. Yes, you can get an "Amen" from me, Alecia! I can so relate to your post. I love that Jennie Allen quote. I'm cheering you on as you continue to write "without a book proposal in sight." (I don't have one either, and why drum one up if I don't even have an idea??) I've found new freedom as a writer in believing that what I write has value, even if just a few read it. And I've relaxed with how much time I spend and wondering if others are judging me for spending time on something that might or might not be worthwhile in their eyes. Fortunately, my husband seems to understand and encourages me... Blessings on your writing.

  13. KristinHillTaylorMay 7, 2015 at 8:30 AM

    Amen, friend! xoxo

  14. Absolutely Amen!! It's a hard lesson to learn. We grow up being graded and many of us carry that into the rest of life. This is a great reminder. Thank you!

  15. I needed to sit and savor your wise words today, Alecia. Our work can change at the drop of a hat ... and everybody and their brother's opinions of us can only lead to a roller coaster of discouragement. Thank you, thank you for this piece!

    Good stuff!

  16. Amen! I think the comparison battle in one that I have to actively ask God to fight for me on a daily basis. I need to look in His mirror, not only for who I am, but for the reminder of who He is.


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