Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What Can You Do? Some Ways You Can Get Involved In the Fight Against Human Trafficking

The war on human trafficking is on. Christians are being enlightened and are joining forces to take on this modern day slavery that is stealing our kids.

You may be asking what can I do? You might be thinking, "I'm not a fighter, investigator, or even have a lot of money."

This is a question I have been asking myself too. What could I possibly do that could make a difference?

After doing some research I have found some very practical ways we can all be involved in this fight.

1. Write letters. We can write letters to investigators encouraging them. They see some very dark stuff. Stuff that probably messes with their heads, hearts, and spirits. The Exodus Road Coalition provides you a chance to write to their undercover operatives to encourage them to continue on in this battle. We all know encouragement fights weariness.

2. Google anti-trafficking efforts in your local city. I did this and had NO idea there was a local movement in my city. I followed their social media accounts and emailed asking how I can help. YOU can do this too!!

3. Contact your Senator-They need to know the issues that are close to the people's heart that they represent.

4. Pray. Our prayers are valuable. We can pray for our legislature to make laws that come down hard on traffickers. The victims. For the undercover agents that work hard to bust these criminals. We also need to pray for the criminals themselves and the men that buy these children-for their hearts and consciences to be pricked.

For them to turn from the darkness to light.

5. Donate-There are many options, so choose one you feel most comfortable with. Exodus Road-For $35/month you can help support undercover operations for their various investigative teams, Samaritan's Purse, and Preemptive Love Coalition are just a few suggestions.

Now is our time to stand up and and say No to human trafficking! I urge you to find some way to get involved.

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  1. #2 ... sheer genius. So much good is happening right under our noses, people who are already passionate about the call we're sensing God putting on our lives. What a great use of the internet.

    You go, girl. You're such an inspiration.


  2. I know right?! Something so simple!! I couldn't believe when I saw there was an effort in my small city. We can ALL do SOMETHING. Thanks, Linda!

  3. Thanks for this, Alecia! There are so many practical ways to engage in this fight. #4 is so practical and powerful. Five-Fifteen is an organization committed to fighting human trafficking through corporate prayer. You can check it out here: I'm sharing your post on the Five-Fifteen Facebook page!

  4. Alecia,
    Thank you for showing us these practical ways to fight back - -I had no idea how to go about it! It always seems like we leave the fight to others who may know better how to do it, but in reality, we all can do something to contribute, can't we?

  5. Such a valuable post, Alecia. I was so glad to support Preemptive Love Coalition when Ann Voskamp challenged us to act and pray for the precious lives in Iraq. They have remained on my heart and in my prayers - thank you for the encouragement to keep pressing forward in support. I'm going to look into local ways I can help.

  6. Thanks Kim. I'm a member of your group. Prayer is a mighty weapon in this battle. Thanks for letting others know too, about your group, so that they may check it out themselves.

  7. I do that-leave the fight to others- way too often. I've been feeling a stirring in my spirit it's time to stop doing that and do something. Like you said, we can all contribute in some way.

  8. Oh Tiffany, I don't think I will EVER get Ann's post out of my head and impactful. She moved hundreds of thousands to do something. I hope you are able to find something local, you never know unless you look, right? :)

  9. Good thoughts on such a tough situation. Thanks for the encouragement and the help in finding something we can do. Visiting from #tellHisStory and I'm in your compel group!

  10. Hi Kristen, thanks for stopping by!

  11. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. I really hope we can put a stop to this someday soon.
    Good thinking on these steps.

  12. Thanks for the tips! I too often feel that sense of despair over a problem that is too big for me. At least it isn't too big for God!

  13. Oh Alecia, I am so there. We are active supporters of a group called Destiny's Rescue. And when I first really saw the ugliness of this horrible modern crime, I was overwhelmed and felt completely inept. But you are so right, there are many things we can do. I'm so glad you wrote on this, I'm sorry it took me so long to even read this...

    Thank you for sharing!



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