Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Five Things To Remember When At Your Child's Sporting Event

( I had titled this post, "5 Ways To Not Be a Jerk At Your Child's Sporting Event" but my son said it sounded mean, so I changed it ;) )

A new season of sporting events has begun! Whatever your child's sport is, this post is for you!

I recently wrote a post on cheaters at my son's little league ball field.

This post was born after many years of witnessing bad behavior at both of my children's sporting events.

Just when I think I've seen it all at a game or practice something else happens to then make me say "Now, I've seen it all."

Take for example: The dad cussing (big no-no) at the umpire or at the other teams parents, or a parent being asked to leave by the umpires or ball park officials and not to come back.

One night there was a heated custody battle over who's night or weekend it was and the cops were called-I kid you not!- guess who was smack dab in the middle? Their child!!

I've seen parent's show up drunk and proceed to get rowdy.

I've witnessed coaches who got a little too into the game and got thrown out for cursing or yelling at the umpire over bad calls.

Then there are the parent's that forget they are not the coach but nevertheless put on their coaches hat and coach their kid from the sideline.

Man, I could go on and on. I have so many stories, some are funny and some are not.

Here are five things that I have come up with that I think will be helpful to remember when you are sitting on the sidelines:

1. Let the Coach, coach- Yes I know. You know a lot about sports, probably played in high school or even college, but you just didn't have the time to commit to being a coach. I get it, I do. But. You are not the coach. It's confusing to the kids to have parents yell directions from the sidelines. Not to mention annoying for other parents. Stop it.

2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T- Please show some to the coaches, umpires, parents (to your team and opposing team). If you display disrespect, guess who is watching and is going to mimic your behavior? Reign it in folks, count to 10 when you get a bad call. Please don't start cussing and yelling at everyone and anyone who will listen.

3. Eat-Don't be hangry- LOL! Sometimes we don't have time to eat before a game or practice so we sit there and our child isn't performing to our standards and instead of blowing it off you get hangry! Hunger + Anger=Hangry. it's a real thing, ya'll. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and eat a Snickers bar.

4. Keep private issues private- We all know that private issues should stay private. But sometimes we forget. Dissing your ex to the other parents, discussing custody issues, and your exes sanity is not cool. It makes everyone uncomfortable and no one really wants to hear it. We're just too polite (ok and nosy) to tell you to stop. Stop it!

5. Sportsmanship wins every time- There are days our team is going to be out played. Our own child is going to have a bad day. And yes, we may realize a couple games in this just isn't our child's sport. It's still important to display sportsmanship. The skills they learn aren't just physical but life-important. How to handle losing is a life skill. Encouraging your teammates is a life skill. Those teammates will be co-workers one day. It matters.

We all want our teams to win, and our child to do well. But teaching them to do it with honor and respect should be the goal, not win at all costs and look like a butthole.

What would you add to this list?

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  1. Truth-telling, Alecia, but not particularly funny post. Your suggestions are exactly right, and it is unfortunate that folks have to be reminded of these basic ideas. One that I find especially frustrating is when those parents who aren't volunteers find fault with those who are. My kids are more band, cheer, 4-H kids, and I help with all of those things. I haven't coached, but I think it is important to support those who do take their time to do rather than criticize.

  2. I saw a grandma carrying on to beat the band at a basketball game last month ... a steady stream of loud incessant obnoxious directives aimed straight at her poor grandson just tryin' to play the game. If I was him, I would have banned her from the gym long ago.

    Thanks for putting this on the table. Good stuff, Alecia!

    Go team!

  3. Love this list, Alecia! It needs to be passed around ball fields and gymnasiums across the country. :)

    Hangry--I know exactly what that is because I experience it. ha. My husband knows to feed the beast (me). Always keep a snack handy is my motto.

  4. LOL, I always knew I got angry when I got hungry but it's only been recently that I learned there was an actual word for it! Some days it's really hard to make it to the park on time much less grab food beforehand. Snacks are ALWAYS a good idea :) (Glad I'm not the only beast when she's hungry ;) )

  5. Awe, poor kid. I hope parents and grandparents will realize how far they go. It's hard enough to get out there in front of others and play their game, but to hear others yell directives from the sidelines can make it grueling.

  6. I know. Something so basic. I appreciate people like you that are willing to donate your time because I know I don't have the time. I think it comes down to the Golden Rule-Treat others the way you want to be treated.

  7. Yes!I think we forget little league isn't major league. Kids are kids and are learning, on the field and off.

  8. Hi Michele. Oh I know, as adults we should know better and do better. But there is just something about watching our kids compete that brings out the competitor in ourselves. Maybe this post will get some parents thinking about what they say and do...we can hope right? :)

  9. God bless him! He's a brave man. My husband coaches as his schedule permits but sometimes he doesn't out of not wanting to deal with the parents. Watching the obnoxious parents do their thing really has quelled any desire I have to yell :). I will cheer on the team but that's as far as I go.

  10. Let the coach coach. I think I'd have to keep that in mind someday. I have the tendency. :P

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  11. Alecia,
    Great list...all of it...I would add if your a Christ-follower then you can always pray for a spirit of peace over the games...beginning with your own heart...this is what I've learned so I remind myself what is truly of eternal import :-)


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