Monday, March 23, 2015

If You Could See What I See

If God could write you a letter on seeing you the way He does I think it would go something like this.

Dear Child,
I see you. I see how hard you work to make things happen. I see your efforts and your heart. I know how hard it is when all your best laid plans and dreams don't go as planned. I hear your prayers, my child. It breaks my heart too when dreams (promotion, pregnancy, job, book deal, etc) don't work out. I know you don’t understand.

Trust me when I tell you, one day you will be able to look back and know in your heart that the plans I have for you are good even though things haven’t work out as you planned. I am the same God who set the stars in the sky, the planets in motion, and a time for every good purpose and plan for you...

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Cheaters Gonna Cheat and Players Gonna Play

"The one that lives with integrity lives securely, but whoever perverts his ways will be found out." Proverbs 10:9

A new season of baseball has once again found it's way around. My son has loved the game of baseball since he was old enough to hold a bat and ball. We (his dad and him, sometimes me ;)) spent many days outside just throwing the ball back and forth. He was on a team for the first time when he was four.

Even in T-ball he took the game very serious. He played hard even though it was the first time he was ever on a team. He's spent many days and hours since then practicing and playing his heart out. Always giving it his best and encouraging his teammates to do theirs. With the start of the new season it got me thinking of how we ended last season...
Isn't he just the cutest?!

J is now 10 and had the incredible opportunity to play in the Texas Little League World Series this past summer.

The weather, the team, the family that was able to come out, and the friends we were able to catch up with was A-mazing!

The league consisted of eight thru twelve year olds that worked for weeks to raise the funds needed for registration, travel, and food fees.

But there was one thing that put an dark overcast tone on the entire weekend.

One by one like chickens being plucked from their hen houses in the night by a sneaky fox, teams started to be eliminated. But not in the way they should have.

Oh no.

These teams were disqualified. Why?

They were Cheaters.

Their coaches wanted to win and take home the prize of the big trophy rings.

(we came in second place!)

Regardless of what it took to get them.

They didn't think anyone would notice.

They were swapping jerseys before and after games. Using kids that weren't on their team to ensure a win. Using pitchers too many times, which is against the rules, to guarantee they advanced to the next round.

I wonder...what exactly are we teaching our kids when we are cheating at a little league game?

I wish I had the gumption to walk over to them and ask them what they were thinking and doing. I would really like to know how they thought cheating was a good parenting decision and what exactly they thought it was teaching their kids?

Baseball is a game as old as time itself. For the most part it's played with integrity and a code of honor.

It's not okay to teach our kids to lie and cheat as long as you don't get caught. 

Winning loses its shine when it's smeared with deceit.(<==Tweet That)

I get riled up over this because I see the next wave of kids. I also have a teenage daughter and most days leave me puzzled over how to best parent in this age of social media.

It's my job as a parent to help them navigate their way through the social media, music, and TV-land mines.

If as a parent I'm modeling all the wrong things is there any hope then for them NOT to follow in my footsteps?

Our kids are listening and watching what WE do. They learn from US. There is a heavy weight of responsibility when you are a parent. I know I'm not a perfect parent (just ask my kids!), and I pray despite me they will grow up to be honorable, good, and God-loving people.

And a good place to practice honor and integrity can start at such places as a ball field.

Don't you think?

>>Will you share some ways you teach integrity to your kids?

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