Thursday, January 29, 2015

Whole Foods-Clean Eating Part 2

What are whole foods?

 "Foods that are unprocessed and unrefined, or processed and refined as little as possible, before being consumed. Whole foods typically do not contain added salt, carbohydrates, or fat. Examples of whole foods include unpolished grainsbeans, fruits, vegetables, and animal products, including meats and non-homogenized dairy products. Although originally all human food was whole food..."(wikipedia) 

The goal of clean eating is to put real whole food in your body, such as all vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, and beans.These foods feed your body what it needs to function at it's highest level.

Our body isn't designed to digest artificial, man-created ingredients.

"Organically grown fruits and vegetables. Grass-fed beef. Organic free-range chicken. Ocean-caught fish, whole grains. Nuts, beans seeds. These are foods your body recognizes from way back. In fact, your body knows what to do with every part of these foods, what nutrients get sent to what part of the body, and most important, what foods turn on (or off) which hormones. These foods make sense to your body." (Jillian Michaels, Master Your Metabolism)

When we eat processed foods our bodies don't know what to do them. It disperses them to various organs and then the rest is stored as fat.

When you are shopping look at the list of ingredients on a package. It should have very few words and you should be able to pronounce every single one.

No long, hard to speak words, no hydrogenated this or that. No food coloring, preservatives and natural colors or flavors.

All of these fake ingredients have been associated with the increase in hypertension, adhd, inflammation, allergies...the list goes on. Read more here.

We eat so many processed and fast food items we are making ourselves sick. The food industry doesn't care about us, they care about their bottom line-money.

They have lobbyist's in the government to ensure they are able to continue what they are doing. Most of our legal food ingredients here are illegal in other countries due to health concerns.

Say what?! Yep!

Our foods, like anything else have to be something we take a closer look at. You wouldn't take someone else's word for what the Bible says, don't do it with your food.

Do your research.

It's always our choice.

Action Step: Purge the pantry. Go through and read ingredients, if you don't recognize or can't read them. Get rid of them! Donate to a food pantry. Add some whole foods to your grocery list this week.

Sources for you:

Bonus:Try this recipe for homemade Hamburger Helper. It takes no more time than the boxed stuff and is SO much better!

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  1. You KNOW you're in trouble when you can't even pronounce half the words on the label ...
    Time to make a spinach salad.

  2. If you can't recognize the ingredient, neither would your body. That's one direct way of putting it. Makes a lot of sense. :)

  3. It does when you look at like that. :)

  4. MMM, spinach salad. My favorite is spinach, strawberries, walnuts and feta! Go make you some!

  5. I am in complete agreement with this. My husband has developed a Gluten allergy and so now we are all having to adjust to eating gluten free. It is not easy to go from eating whatever you want whether good or bad to reading labels. However, that said its best for all of us because its made me realize how much junk I have put in my body that I really need to stop putting there. #BloggerCareGroup

  6. Yes yes yes!!! We are doing this too- taking action and reading labels and researching and YES! What a difference it makes. So glad to read we are on this journey together. It can be overwhelming at times and it is nice to meet a friend along the way. So excited to go this path with you :)

  7. YAY!! I'm so glad to here that. My hope is that everyone will stop and take a look at what they are eating. I think we will be a healthier nation if we did. I'm glad you are on this journey with me too :)

  8. It's not easy. I had to learn how to recook all of my fav foods. Still learning... But I feel so much better when I don't eat gluten and grains. All I have to do is remember how I feel when I eat foods on my naughty list and that makes the effort worth it. So glad you stopped by, Dianna!


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