Monday, January 26, 2015

Jesus Loves The Nobodies

“[Jesus] matters because of what he brought and what he still brings to ordinary human beings, living their ordinary lives and coping daily with their surroundings. He promises wholeness for their lives. In sharing our weaknesses he gives us strength and imparts through his companionship a life that has the quality of eternity." (Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy)
I’m a very ordinary girl…woman.

Really I am. There has never been anything extraordinary about me or my life. I’m not beautiful or all that smart. I’ve struggled with my self-perception my entire life - I’m either too fat, too skinny, too much of this or not enough of that.

I’m very ordinary and well aware of it.

Most of my life God was the big man in the sky who I prayed to when I needed something. Or confessed to when I felt guilty and needed forgiveness.

After I had my daughter, all of that changed because I wanted more than a Sunday relationship with Him. 

I wanted to know my Heavenly Father. I wanted to know the God who came as one of us, who slept, ate, 
and died…like us. I wanted to know how to love Him and be more of what He wanted me to be.

Whatever that was...

Will you join me over at God-sized Dreams to read the rest?


  1. Dallas Willard always comes bearing gifts of wisdom and grace, doesn't he, friend ...

  2. Oh yes. I haven't read much from him, but what I have I really like.

  3. Thank you, Lux. I like that "When the world counts us out, God counts us in."

  4. God does call the ordinary to do extraordinary things and He is so good! Thanks for sharing this post! #bloggercaregroup

  5. This is wonderful as everyone struggles with this at one time or another


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