Friday, October 3, 2014

Let's Take A Walk...

I grew up being a fan. In the south you have to pick sides, Auburn or Alabama? You will be asked this question before they ask you the next question, "What church do you go to?"

After graduating high school I was -eventually-able to attend the BIG campus and not just the smaller one in Montgomery (AUM-Auburn University of Montgomery) (after I pulled up my grades :))

The campus is like no other, absolutely beautiful. Old big architectural buildings dating back over 100 years. Huge oak trees and perfectly landscaped courtyards are what you will find in a stroll through campus.

A couple of weekends ago Trey and I had the chance to get up early and walk through campus one Saturday morning sans kids.

We were surprised to see how many people were up and jogging and walking. In a college town you wouldn't expect to see so many faces early on a Sat morning.

 The only disappointment of the morning was that it was cloudy. I was hoping for some sun for my pictures, but they didn't turn out so bad.

Are you ready? Lets take a walk through campus!

     Samford Hall-sits right off College Street. It's the backdrop for most pictures taken on campus. You can see why.

The Football Stadium

The Haley Center-not only where I took a couple of classes, but grabbed quick lunches or snacks and usually found a quiet spot to study before a test.

Toomer's Drugs-Home of the famous lemonade. It's good! This is also the corner that gets rolled when we win football games. This little corner is a mad house!

I hoped you enjoyed our walk. As you can see we are LOVING our new home!


  1. Hi, Alecia! It looks like a beautiful campus, and it sounds like you had a lovely walk. I haven't been to my college campus is years and years. FYI... In Missouri (specifically St. Louis and surrounding areas), the big question is "Where did you go to high school?" It must be considered a very telling piece of information. My minister, though, is an Alabama transplant and very much into Alabama football. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Welcome to your new home, Alecia. :) I like the stately beauty of classic old campuses and buildings. We have some streets like that in St. Paul. Thanks for this peek, and the lemonade sounds delicious. :)

    Jennifer Dougan

  3. That's such a beautiful campus! I would love to take a walk there.

  4. Thanks! It was so nice to walk around and reminisce. Looking forward to more walks in the future!

  5. Huh, every 'culture'has their own thing. Wild! And your minister...well, he'd be considered the enemy 'round here ;)

  6. An absolutely stunning campus. Thanks for the tour. :)

  7. Love this, it's absolutely beautiful!! You know how much I love old architecture...maybe someday you can give me a tour of this gorgeous place in person!?! Missing you like crazy! Hope you are loving your new home :)

  8. Stopping by to say hi again. Re your comment on my post "What I Didn't Ex[ect to Find in My Daughter's Homework..." Alecia,

    "And look back and see how God was working in the middle of our wondering.." -- what a neat line. Yes! :)

    Jennifer Dougan

  9. I thought about you as I was taking pictures. I wondered how in the world would I get Lisa here?! She would LOVE to take pictures and walk through campus!! Missing you too, hopefully we will see each other soon!

  10. Alecia, this is a beautiful post. I found it after landing on your about page. Reading through your blog is like finding a good friend and sitting with her on the couch. Thank you for your words- they have blessed me so. I so often look for God in the big things, when He is always near, a gentle whisper... a peaceful and gracious gentle whisper.
    Thank you!


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