Friday, October 31, 2014

It's Time to Face The Monsters




What you think you lack…

What you think you don’t have…

Who you think you aren’t…

These are the monsters that keep you from living the life you were meant for.

Am I right?

They tie your hands behind your back and make your feet feel like they have been planted in cement. You don’t move forward -  too afraid of the what-ifs. You can’t go back. So you live somewhere in the middle of what you want and where you are.

There’s a reason they call fear a form of bondage. Because it is.

What if, though? What if you swallowed down that lump in your throat?

What if, you said a brave yes and took a leap of faith forward. Trusting that there would be someone there to catch you if you fall.

What if, everything you had made up in your head – all that could, would, should happen, didn’t? What if, you were wrong?
“If you’re not afraid, you’re dream isn’t big enough. Your dreams should scare you."  Want to know why? Because they need to be "ridiculously crazy so that the only way they will ever succeed is if God intervenes." (Mark Batterson)

Today, I am guest posting over at God-sized Dreams, won't you join me?

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