Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What Will Be Your Dream Legacy?

"Always do your best...Whatever your best is dive in and do it. Learning to read, fighting cancer, writing a book, running a 5k or a marathon. Give it your all and do your best. Your best is your best. It isn't about whether you's not about the end, but the start!"Amber Johnson
The above quote is from Amber Johnson who enjoys watching the popular show American Ninja Warrior Challenge with her kids. While watching one night she and her kids would ask each other, "Can you do that? I can do that!" (Like I'm sure most of us do when watching this kind of show :) We always think it looks easy.)

However, this conversation lit a fire in her and she started going after it.

She started training. Lost a ton of weight through all the rigorous physical activity and she accomplished her goal. She applied for America Ninja Warrior, was accepted and when time came to show what she could do,  she was ready.

On June 3rd American Ninja Warrior Dallas appeared on NBC, and for the first time I saw and heard, Amber Johnson's story while watching the show with my own son and husband (it's quite entertaining if you haven't seen it!). 

We were doing our own commenting on who we thought would or wouldn't make it and whether or not we could do it. (OF COURSE I knew I could do ALL of the obstacles ;))

I was not only inspired by her tenacity and drive, but it got me thinking about the types of legacies we leave our kids or even those around us. We want to leave a spiritual but what about a dreaming legacy?

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