Wednesday, August 6, 2014

God Took Away My AC (for a week...again)

God took away my air conditioner last week. He did it last year too.

It's miserable and hot.

I'm a hot sweaty yucky mess. I don't smell very good and have been taking 2 cold showers a day just to get out and start sweating the moment I dry off. blegh!

Why God?? Why? Wasn't last year enough? I blame my husband, this had to be his fault somehow I reason. (the heat was starting to get to my head)

I really didn't know I could whine and complain so much. I impressed myself.  Any Jesus I had in me disappeared with the cool air. I was now mean and grumpy and so very HOT!

How did my grandparents do it for all those years?? Bless their hearts.

I know, I'm spoiled. I realized how much so this past week. I want what I want when I want it.  And when I'm hot I want air conditioning. NOW!

Even as I am writing this we are still with no a/c but at least it's stormy outside. The windows are up around the house and the rain is soaking the floors. But we don't care because the breeze from the storm feels so darn good. (Hopefully the air will be fixed, god willing, this afternoon.)

Remember that phrase, be careful what you ask for because you just might get it?
Well, it's true. I like staying needy because it keeps me dependent on God and less on myself. Or so I thought.Until I got really really hot and starting sweating like an elephant or a pig...whichever sweats the worst.

As I sit and write out my complaints before God, pretty sure He's just as concerned with my discomfort as I am, a picture captures my attention out of the corner of my eye.

It's Lawrence.

Lawrence is the little boy from Tanzania that we adopted through Compassion International. In the picture he is holding up a book bag. A treasured gift he was able to receive through birthday money we had sent to him. He holds it out as a prized possession. Without the little bit of money he received from us he probably wouldn't have gotten anything for his birthday. Money is scarce and his dad just died.

Ouch. That picture pricked my heart.

I bet he doesn't have air conditioning either. I wonder how hot it gets there?
I bet he also doesn't have a two-story brick home in a nice neighborhood which has 3 pools for our convenience and playgrounds and hiking trails. 

I may still be hot, but boy, did that picture do a shift in my perspective and heart.

It's been said that God isn't interested in our comfort but in the conditions of our hearts.

I can testify to this truth! God, like any good parent may care that I am hot and cranky and don't like being this sweaty and stinky and would love in all His eternal goodness for my a/c to be fixed. But, apparently there's a bigger lesson he's more concerned about.

My pride.

And learning it's ok to accept help from friends when they offer their nice cool homes for us to sleep in at night so that we don't have to suffer, night after night in the sweltering Texas heat.

Until now, I guess I didn't realize how hard it was for me to accept hospitality. I kept thinking, no we'll suffer through. I don't want to put anyone out. Do they really want us to crash at their house? Or are they just being nice? What can I do to pay them back if we take them up on their offer? 

(My husband said I was being stubborn...but what did he know?! This was his fault after all.)


When did I grow into Miss Cynical? This was a good lesson for me in not doubting other's intentions and accepting help when it's offered. I want to pride myself on not needing anyone's help and being self-sufficient, able to do all things on my own. 

But, this isn't how it's supposed to work. I'm glad I didn't let stubborn pride keep me in the heat, it would have made a bad situation worse.

God provides-always. 

It may not be how we want or expect. But He's always there when we need Him in the middle of the storm. He will not ever forsake or leave us!

God's shifting...turning me. More and more away from this world and it's comforts and more towards Him. He knows I'm spoiled and like to be comfortable.

And taking away my a/c in the middle of a Texas summer is a sure-fire way to get my attention!

(Update: the a/c is back! I wrote this at the beginning of the summer when it went out. Thankfully it hasn't gone out anymore. We are moving this week, if you missed my exciting news, you can read all about it in this post. The movers are here today in fact. Prayers for safe travels and quick adjustment in our new home would be welcomed!)


  1. In the light of eternity, it sure is amazing what can get us whining.

    God, be merciful to us. We have so far to go! And way far more than we need ...

    Cool Wednesday breezes to ya, Alecia!


    1. Oh Linda, no cool breezes to be found today, we are reaching for triple digits through the rest of the week. Fall will be such a welcome relief!

  2. It's all in how you frame things, isn't it. Texas heat and no air becomes a lesson in empathy (for Lawrence) and pride. Nice job of reframing the situation! I hope your move is going well and you will soon be settled in your new home back home!

    1. It was a hard lesson to be learned for sure! I got it now!! And thanks, this week ending can't come soon enough. As nice as it is to move, it's always stressful and hard living out of suitcases, boxes, and eating out so much.

  3. Isn't it interesting how in our discomfort the 'true?' us comes out. ha! Hope you have a cool day today so that you may get back to that Cool Cat Alecia that we know and love.

    I tend to get mad at my husband on these things too, our poor men~ha!


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