Friday, July 25, 2014

Where Have I Been? Come SEE!

Hey! I know it's been a while, but whew! Have I been busy. And so many good things have been happening in my life.

I can't wait to share some really exciting personal news with you, but it'll have to wait a few more days.

In the meantime check out these awesome pictures(if I do say so) that I took on our beach vacation last week.

I'm practicing my photography skills...and I see a serious class in my future ;)


Rare family photo op. We had plans to take grand pics while we were there. Got the coordinating outfits and everything...but then it rained. Of course it did. This will do, I guess.

Did you see the super moon? It made it's appearance our first night. It was super ;)  sorry.

J trying to get the hang of the boogie board, or whatever you call it. I think I called it by it's wrong name one million times while we were at the beach.

Whoa! Little nephew rockin the boogie board! Way to go hot shot!!

Shock and AWE ya'll. They are both smiling!! This is my niece, I have like,5, posing with her sister/cousin. They were attached at the hip and to their ipods/phones the entire vacay. God Bless em'.

My little man-or as I lovingly refer to as my "baby." He's 9 and def not a baby, but to me he'll always be. He wasn't quite tall enough for the BIG go-carts, but he seemed pretty happy riding with his wanna be race car driver dad :). Faster the better right? 

My beautiful mom and my getting-way-too-big-for-her-britches-daughter. Hey, at least she's smiling and isn't sticking her tongue out or doing that "Fearless"sign that all the young people do in their pics nowadays. sheesh.

Why?? Why, can't he ever just SMILE?! All of our pictures look like this. Me smiling big and him looking like a dork. After 14 years I should be used to it. I am I really am, and not annoyed AT ALL.

Yep-thank you niece for taking so many random pics of me. And yup there were better ones, but I thought this one really captured my essence perfectly. Or at least how I felt waiting for my husband to come out of the grocery store. :)

Photo happy niece that kept snapping random pics, of course she took a selfie or a hundred :) Your welcome I only posted one. Maybe she will be a budding photographer instead of a vet :) Great shot! Maybe I need to take lessons from YOU!

Oh yeah-God saw me!

Sweet Grandma-She hates getting her picture taken and not sure how she would feel about it being online-if needed I'll apologize later :) Just for me she turned and smiled! 

My sweet dad and sweet Grandma (his Mom) overlooking the pier.

It's a SHARK! So glad they cut the line and didn't reel that baby in! I don't care if it was a baby, a shark is still a shark!

Fun times and many great memories. Plus some really exciting turn of events that happened while we were gone. But I can't tell you yet...stay tuned, new post coming Wed.

Love Ya'll!


  1. How fun to see you again, Alecia! And those shots - especially of Grandma and the midnight moon were just too cool. You've been missed around here ...


    Welcome home!


  2. Glad you had a great vacation. The pix were so fun. Looking forward to the news you'll share.

    1. Thanks, Lisha! It was a great week and it was sad to leave, but it's good to be home.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Barbie. I've picked up a new hobby :) It's a lot of fun!

  4. Super fun! I have this same issue with my husband. I ask him, "are you mad or sad?" he says no, "do you hurt somewhere?" no, so I've come to the conclusion he's smiling on the inside. (smile) Love the pictures and looks like you are having a great time with your family.

    Your ma is beautiful

    1. Why of why can't they just smile for 3 seconds?! They thinks it's funny, I know they do. Behind those stoic faces they are laughing on the inside :) You're absolutely right!

  5. I love all your beautiful pictures! Looks amazing!!


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