Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fitness Is More Than How You Look

For me fitness had always been about looking good in my shorts or jeans. My baby-got- back booty had to stay in shape or it would enter a room 5 seconds after I did :)

I lived for the compliments of, “You're so skinny!" or "Oh my gosh, what do you do?"

I treasured the number on the scale when it told me a number I was pleased with along with the number size on my jeans.

Fitness was all about looking good, period.

And then I started experiencing a season of depression and panic attacks, I knew exercise was more important than ever.

But when you are feeling low, the last thing you want to do is get your sweat on. More like put the sweat pants (or yoga pants) on and sleep.

After one of my visits to the doctor she said "I know you don't feel like it, you're tired, but you need to walk or do something. Don't concentrate on the scale or your weight focus on feeling better."

I took her advice to heart...

~Woohoo, it's been a great month of guest posting on some wonderful blogs. Today I'm over at Hally's, Bloom, Bond, Build. For her Wellness Wednesdays. Join me over there?

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