Monday, April 7, 2014

Are You Burying Your Talents?

I  have many dreams. They vary anywhere from being a writer/speaker to owning my own children’s clothing consignment store. They are all over the map and I love talking about each of them. You’ll find me saying a lot, “One day I would love to.....” or “Wouldn't it be great if some day.....”
Talking about my dreams is great, but doing something about them is a different story.
The way to get started is to stop talking and start doing. (Walt Disney)
Ask me what I’m going to actually do to realize those dreams and all you will get from me is a blank stare.
Taking Action is risky.
There is usually too much involved and not enough time or money. I like safety and comfort, not risk and the unknown. So when God lays something on my heart that is out of my comfort zone, I stall. I make excuses and sometimes I outright ignore His nudges.
I recently heard a sermon on using our gifts and taking risks. The pastor said, “Discipleship doesn’t mean a safe harbor….venture out to what’s unknown and God will meet you there.” (<==Tweet that)

Will you join me over God-sized dreams to read the rest?

Blossom Bunkhouse



  1. This is you?! Funny! A friend forwarded me this post from God Sized Dreams and I loved it (: Such an amazing reminder, I really loved this post!


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