Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How Do You Know?


I wonder a lot if the plans I make are my plans or seeds planted from God.

Sometimes it can be so hard to tell, you know?

Good ideas come to mind and I get so excited and think "YES, that is what I'm going to do!!"

There was a time (not too many years ago), when my big fat plans and their good intentions would come crashing down all around me and I would be left sitting in the ashes wondering, what in the world just happened?

The dream sounded good, felt right. Why didn't it work?! I even prayed. Shouldn't God have worked all this out?

I remember distinctly reading in His word about how He works all things out for my good.


I would pout, cry, and be mad. Ask God,where are You?! You don't care!

During my tantrums, He usually stayed quiet.

That would make it worse. Didn't he care? I mean after all I was doing this for Him.

Or was I? I thought I was.

I used to walk in circles so many times. I would think I had things figured out and what God wanted and who He was and then back on my bum I would fall.

Dreaming was for the birds.

I decided if he wanted me to do something from now on, He would have to hit me over the head with it. Or better yet, flash a big red arrow-sign saying, This is the way, do this! ===>>

Oh, how frustrating life can be.

How do we really know if a dream is from God?

Holley says:
"Most people move ahead in their lives without pausing to ask what God wants. And here you are desiring to know-truly know-if this is what he has for you before you take another step. That alone is pleasing to him."
It seems so simple. Ask Him. While I prefer the big red flashing sign. He prefers to walk along side of me as I pray and search within myself to figure it out.

I want to rush ahead as soon as a good idea pops into my head and do it NOW! And he wants me to go slow, with Him.

He has taught me it's ok to be excited but not to let the excitement get in the way of wise and careful planning. Including praying and asking myself, "Is this really from God, or me? Does this align with my strengths? How will my family be affected?"

If I can honestly answer all of these questions and the answers seem to line up, then I move forward, prayerfully asking God to show me what's next.

Most of the time, and very slowly (God is all about developing that patience and perseverance muscle!), He will bring a Bible passage my way, a song, a blog post, or a person that will speak to me EXACTLY what I need.

And if He doesn't, I take what next step I can and wait ( oh, how I hate that word!).

I wish I could boldly say I have this God-sized dreaming thing figured out. And once I think I'm starting to, He surprises me with something else.

But, if there's one thing I have learned this past year, it is that it's not about the viral blog post, recognition, or a thousand "likes."

It's about the journey, the relationships, and the people you meet and touch along the way. That's it. Period.

Maybe God will bring you fame or money from all your dreaming and hard work. That would be great and I would be right there with you celebrating with a cupcake.

But if you're end goal and desire isn't to grow closer to God and love people, then the money and fame will be meaningless.

And how sad  would that be to reach the end of your dream and to find yourself far from God and all alone?

Dreaming, man. It's hard.

It requires you to ask some tough questions of yourself. Are you ready? Do you know if your dream is from God?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Kristin. I know you can relate all too well too!

  2. Oh Alecia, your place looks so pretty. You made some changes!! :) Simple yet pretty! Great post too. I wish it was easier...knowing what my God-sized dream really or knowing if I've heard Him correctly. It is a journey and I'm learning that Ann Voskamp really was on to something with her counting gifts...I keep counting even in my doubts...even when I feel like He is not there. I just keep counting and along the way I'm learning to trust Him more and more. Whatever my God-sized dream is, He will reveal in His perfect timing.
    Blessings to you friend. <3

    1. I did! I'm still planning some more, so it won't look like this too much longer. I've been striving for a more simple look, it's getting there :) I get bored with the design after a while and have to change it. Good thing I figured out how to do it on my own!! :)

      Yes, He will show you. I'm pretty sure you are working your way towards it now though :)

  3. I love that quote by Holley. Life lived for Him is relying on Him every step of the way. It's what draws you closer to Him and improves your trust and faith in Him. It's building up the most important relationship in your life - the one with Jesus.

  4. Alecia, This so resonates with me, especially the waiting part! Sometimes I feel like I spend most of my time waiting and while this can be good, it also tends to pull focus away from living in today and enjoying all it brings to my life. Love this post!

    1. I too can relate to the waiting game! Thanks to Valerie, an (in)RL "sister", I found this link up and your post. Very encouraging and honest. I enjoy bloggers because I feel real in reading the words that are written. God works ALL things for good indeed. The waiting is the hardest part...(song in my head...cannot recall the artist...Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers maybe?!)

    2. Me too Valerie. But there is much to learned in the waiting as well. I hope you discover all He has to teach you!

    3. I'm so glad you stopped by grace glimmers!! It's nice to "meet"you! hmmm, not sure what song you are referring to, but now I'm going to have to google it to figure it out :)

  5. {sigh} waiting is so hard for me too! I agree with you: God desires for us to walk along side of Him as he LEADS us using various methods, into the plans He has for us. Sometimes in our zeal, we jump ahead of His plan... and it all falls apart! Love your post & appreciate you sharing! I too love what you've done to your blog-looks simple & pretty! ♥

    1. Thanks, Satin!! It's hard to not want to LEAD ourselves, isn't it? Sometimes I think I know just what I want and how to get there...and then He shows me otherwise :) Thankful for you, friend!!

  6. Hi Alecia,
    It really resonated with me when you said,

    "He has taught me it's ok to be excited but not to let the excitement get in the way of wise and careful planning. Including praying and asking myself, "Is this really from God, or me? Does this align with my strengths? How will my family be affected?"

    I, too, like to plow ahead sometimes rather than waiting for proper guidance. I'm working on that.... nice to know I have some company : )


    1. I'm in very good company then :) Nice to see you, Kristin!

  7. Oh no...I don't want to have my dreams come true only to be far away from God and alone. I love how you've given me a good God perspective. Waiting and trusting...yes. So simple, but not easy!

  8. Alecia,
    You are on a path of growth...and you are so right: Dreaming does require us to ask tough questions of ourselves and sometimes of God...and the ultimate goal is always love...greater love with Him and others....I remember, if I recall, you saying that you liked the back story, so I hope I added enough for you in my manifesto :) Thanks for your support :)

    1. You remember?! I DO love the backstory!! Can't wait to dive into your soul manifesto, congrats on your first ebook!!!

  9. "It's about the journey, the relationships, and the people you meet and touch along the way. That's it. Period."
    Truth spoken here. Yes. As I was driving last night to do something I'd never done before, I kept praying, "Lord, all I know to do is just show up. That's it." And that was enough. The Lord showed me one step at a time what to do next.

    1. That's awesome, Lisa! God blessed your obedience. It's scary not having a plan going into something and praying that God will show you what to do next. Your faith is inspiring.

  10. This is so great! Thank you. So true and a great reminder!

  11. We should think of ourselves as reliable. Not responsible. That is it. We are justified by faith, and not by hope. And reliable we are, being branches of the vine which is Christ. Responsibility is the quality of the beast. Agree with me, that every dream of the faithful is by God. :-)

  12. Alecia Simersky, Since I once asked to be notified of updates on this blogpost, I receive those terrible comments from the "Anonymous" in my e-mail. Maybe he knows we do, and maybe that is one of the reasons for his persistence. But the work of this "Anonymous" is tiresome, and unpleasant. I want you to know I witness the work, and condemn the act.


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