Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Giving Time And The One Thing That Makes All The Difference In Our Dreams

"We can't "make"time for our God-sized dream or for anything else in our lives." Holley Gerth, Opening the Door to Your God-Sized Dream

When my kids were little I started getting into the practice getting up super early to workout and have Bible study time before they would get up.

Why? Because of guilt.

I felt guilty for giving my attention to anything else other than them. I felt like when they were up I needed to be available when they cried, called, beckoned or whatever.

Guilt is an evil master.

And I was his slave.

From the time my feet hit in the morning until I tuck them back underneath at night there is always something that is demanding my time.

And one thing I've learned over the years is that I can either give into the guilt and keep striving or Let the Guilt Go.

It will make all the difference in your life and when working on those God-given dreams.

I've realized that in order for me to be the best "me"I have to carve out time to spend time with God, exercise, have girls night outs, looong bubble baths and yes, write.

It's not selfish to take care of yourself. And it's not selfish to work on your dreams.

I've found that when I do these things I'm refreshed and more centered and less of a crazy-stressed out mom. Not only do I benefit from "me time"but the family does as well.

It's a win-win.

So, next time you are worried about having time to work out those dreams or guilt is threatening to lay it on thick, say, "Get behind me guilt, my time is God-ordained and I will not waste it by doing idle things or procrastinating. I will use every minute of this day to do what God has planned for me."

Lets let go of the guilt and the fear of not doing enough. Instead lets give time to our dreams and our lives. I think it's the best way we can serve our families, ourselves and our God.

What do you think?

                                                               Join me here?

And here?

Holley Gerth

And of course here, Soli deo Gloria


  1. I think we're twinsies, friend! ;) I struggle so badly with this! Feeling guilty for needing to turn it all off & do something for me. Feeling guilty for just being tired & wanting to sit down with a good book & read while the craziness around me continues. {sigh} Thank you for sharing this & reassuring my weary heart that it is good & it is healthy for me to take time for me!! Sending love to you today! ♥

    1. Let it Go!! Guilt can be such a slave driver, and we let it. It's good to take care of ourselves, we need it, and the people around us need us to as well.

  2. Good words today, friend...I'm so working on kicking that guilt to the curb. I needed this today...thank you! (((HUGS))) :)

  3. I agree! While I don't have kids seeking my attention I do let so many other things pull at me and often feel guilty when I say no to something even though I know it's the best thing for me. Now I do feel guilty about the amount of time I can spend on social media instead of quiet time with Him. I need to figure out that balance. Great encouragement, Alecia. I've missed you. Sorry I haven't been by recently. {Hugs}

    1. Yeah, it's all about balance, such a hard thing for all of us. Glad to see you!

  4. Dear Alecia ... this is fantastic. The guilt trip is a very useful tool crafted by the enemy of our souls to make us feel like losers, a suffocating wet blanket thrown over us to stop us dead in our tracks and keep us from moving ahead to be all that Christ crafted us to be. So different from conviction from the Spirit which is clear and specific and loving, designed to set us free. I truly love that you've written this piece today. It's an important one!

  5. I agree. Sometimes it's so hard to make time for yourself - whether it is work or family or school that is calling you away. I have to choose to honor God with what I have and sometimes that means simply letting it all go for a time.

  6. Guilt has been my master too, for far too long!
    LOVE this..."Get behind me guilt, my time is God-ordained and I will not waste it by doing idle things or procrastinating. I will use every minute of this day to do what God has planned for me."
    I soooo needed to hear this!
    Thanks for you wisdom and encouragement Alecia!

    1. Hi Lanette. Yep, let's kick him to the curb together! We can do this!!

  7. He uses guilt to trap us. You're right, it's so different than conviction, which lead us to right living and balance. Thank you for stopping by, Linda and sharing your thoughts on guilt!


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