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Different..It's Good

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When you have kids you can spend a lot of time wondering if you will screw them up.

You wonder if others will love them as much as you do.

Soon, they start school and you wonder will the other kids like them and will they make friends? What about their teachers?

After I got serious about this Jesus thing, I started praying for my kids to be different.

Different and wonderful and true light-bearers in this dark world.

My husband was afraid I was going to turn them into weirdos.

I knew they were going to be that so much more! :)

Now that we officially have a teenager ( I can't believe I just said that!!)

I've been renewed in my quest to raise different kids. (note I didn't say good kids)

Working with the 8th grade girls on Wednesday nights I see the insecurity, the need to fit it in and belong. The short shorts, heavy makeup, the drama from long days of school and clashing personalities.

On TV and the radio, I see and hear the messages of what sexy looks like and what boys want.

But your booty don't need explaining, All I really need to understand is,
When you talk dirty to me (Jason Derulo)
I make them good girls go bad,I make them good girls go
Good girls go bad
Good girls go bad (Cobra Starship)
All you young wild girls you make a mess of me,Yeah, you young wild girls, You'll be the death for me, the death for me (Bruno Mars)

The message is loud and clear: Sex sells. More is more and sexy is everything.

It's hot and cool to be bad. 

Different, strong, beautiful from the inside out isn't what this world values.

Our kids need us to speak courage into their souls so that they won't be afraid to be whom they are.

Speak up daughter. Test your voice. Use it for the left out, the lonely, the unchosen. But don’t forget to love the popular in all their desperately insecure unhappiness. Let your lunch table be a welcome place. Your freedom a great gulp of hope to the girls who try to fit into the skin of models who don’t exist outside the pages of the glossies. (Lisa Jo Baker)

I'm under no illusions that my voice is going to be heard above the noise that pollutes daily. But I won't give up or give in.( can I just build a cocoon and force them to live in it till their 30?  no?)

Being different is a daily choice. Choice by choice we have to be conscious of what we say and do because it reflects what we value.

The pull to fit in is strong. So strong. Always has been and doesn't diminish just because you grow up.

I'm learning it's ok to be with who I am, quirks and all. And maybe this comes with age and wisdom of living for 29 (ok, 34) years on this earth.

We have to be women we want our daughters to be.
 First and foremost, we need to be the adults we want our children to be. We should watch our own gossiping and anger. We should model the kindness we want to see. (Brene Brown)

Being different, it starts with us.

Do we dare be who we really are? Is it worth the risk of rejection?

If we say no, and hold back in our day to day relationships and declare it's just too hard and risky. Do we see how we are telling those coming behind us to keep the mask on it's not worth it?

Being vulnerable is the key to any relationship
It's the glue that will hold a friendship together. 

How can we be different?

When others gossip, we stay silent or walk away.
When others are jealous, we stay content with what we have been given.
When others boast, we stay humble.
When others are mean, we are kind.
When others look down their noses, we take a seat and pass the bread.

Different is hard but freeing.
Different is worth it!
Different...It's Good!
 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. (Romans 12:2)

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  1. Being different does start with us. We're the first role models that our girls see. And if we're not comfortable being different, they likely won't be comfortable either, without the grace of God.

    Such beautiful truth:
    "Our kids need us to speak courage into their souls so that they won't be afraid to be whom they are."

    1. Yes-it ALL starts with us. Even if we don't have kids, we can be that positive influence in our circle of friends-the one that is different.

  2. Oh yes - great post!! I worry worry about my kids and the influence the world has...praying that God's light will shine brighter!!

  3. Alecia,

    I agree and we can do it. I liked especially your line: "Being different, it starts with us."

    Yes! Congrats on your new teen. Raising teens is so much fun! :)

    Jennifer Dougan

  4. LOVE! This is powerful, woman! Oh the things kids/teenagers are faced with today... it saddens my heart. Absolutely LOVE how you aren't afraid to broach the topics that are difficult! God is using you to show the world that DIFFERENT is exactly what He calls us to be! Love to you! ♥

  5. Oh how it does start with us! Different is good!!! And I loved how even learning this at an older age when my kids were now young adults that I can still have an impact on them by how I choose to live my life. My children are not believers yet but I know by being being who God created me to be... I can reveal those same truths to them. Great post, Alecia. I'm really wanting to meet you!! I just love your heart. <3

  6. I like how to told your real age, encouraging realness and liking who you are!!! Good messge - for girls and boys! I'm trying to raise young men who can be the hero who respects and values girls like your daughter!


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