Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Love We Deserve

Wordle: Love is

As a young girl I didn't date much. I liked boys and had crushes on several, and even went on a couple of dates, but not like most of the other girls I knew.

I was an inexperienced dater with only a couple of real dates under my belt, so when the cute blonde haired blue-eyed boy on the football team, named Mack, noticed me I was all in.

Things with Mack started out fast, too fast. We were a couple before I could say call me, maybe.

In the beginning things were pretty normal. 

But then he started to make comments about my boy-friends and how he didn't like them walking and talking with me in the halls.

Pretty soon he started to get clingy....Read the rest at Triple Braided Life. Thank you, Brenda, for letting me share my story at your place.


**I'm sharing a part of my story that I don't talk about, much less write about. But God has been dealing with me lately on a part of my past I'd wished to forget and pretend didn't happen. In sharing my story it's my hope to bring healing to not only others but to myself as well.


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