Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Do You Want to be Well?

Do you want to be well?

This is the question I've asked myself a lot the last couple of years. In my world of moving and changing, my body has started to cry out for mercy.

You can pray and say all day long you are fine, but if you don't deal with what's really going on, eventually it will deal with you.

Our world-our lives-are fast paced. There isn't much room for for rest or slowing down. And when things get really stressful instead of acknowledging, wow, this is hard, we keep going full steam ahead.

Sooner or later our bodies demand to be heard.

Mine started with heart palpitations, then weight gain, my face suddenly thought it was 13 again, anxiety and depression soon followed, oh and lets not forget fatigue and irritability (my husband wouldn't want me to leave those out!)

I changed my eating habits and exercised harder. But nothing worked and defeat was being added to the list.

I didn't ever acknowledge how hard transition and change was for me.  Add to that stress from life, finances, marriage, and kids and my body was a volcano ready to explode.

My body was trying to tell me to hold up and slow down. But I just kept chugging along.

It's ok to feel the pain, you don't have to be so strong, I thought this weekend in church. Wow, do I really hold things in so much to the point that my health has become affected? Do I really not fully allow myself to feel the pain of tough situations?

I'm afraid so.

Admitting I'm weaker than I'd like to think I am is hard.I want to think I'm strong and can take on anything.

But God-He knows better. And so does my body apparently.
...For when I am weak then I am strong (2 Cor 12:10)
Ask God for his wisdom and insight.

I'd been talking to God for a while about what to do and how to convince my doctor that I could be seriously dying and she needed to run some tests before it was too late.

One night I just happened to come across a doctor on the news-which is totally random, because I never watch the news- that was being interviewed for her holistic approach to diabetes and thyroid conditions. Through her program she has helped thousands.

I'm serious she was a real live doctor-I googled her-so she was legit.

I called the next day and on a fluke got allowed to get an appointment-now that's God( she usually doesn't even see patients unless they have been diagnosed). I don't have thyroid or diabetes issues but I knew something was going on with my body and after hearing what she had to say, I believed she could figure it out.

I finally found a doctor that would listen and run the tests that needed to be ran and the results came back what I thought they would. I feel vindicated!!

I could have given up and given in when my other doctors said there was nothing wrong-but I wanted to get well. 

When you know something is wrong, you just know.

Taking a laid back approach isn't  going to help me this time. I am going to have to be proactive if I want complete healing. I started doing my research ( I follow more health, clean eating, holistic blogs than I probably do religious ones).

I know there is more to health than popping pills and feeling miserable.

Is giving up old habits and eating more fruits and veggies and less pizza and chocolate hard?  HECK YEAH they are!! But worth it? (I sure hope so, or I'm going to be mad about giving up my chocolate and pizza!)

I could have taken the easy way and said this is just how life is. But is that really easier?

Are you like me?

Do you struggle to slow down and admit when life has you overwhelmed sometimes? I hope you will find time to rest, and listen to your body when it tells you to be still. Take care of yourself. It's worth the time and money to do something that relaxes you and brings peace.

Do you have special ways or do things that relax you?


(**this post isn't meant to tell those that have real diseases and have been suffering, to just make some changes and you'll be better, that's not what I'm talking about. This is for those, like me, that have issues brought on by life and stress that can be helped by making adjustments and changes in our lifestyles. I just wanted to clarify that. Carry On)

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  1. I will continue praying that you find just the right things to do to become well again!! Hugs friend!

    1. Thanks friend!! I appreciate your support and friendship.

  2. {sigh} Friend, we are on such a similar journey & I love it! I love that I'm not alone in my struggle to REST. My post today talks about that very thing. Praying for you as you take steps towards wholeness & healing in your body! Love to you! ♥

  3. I thought the same thing when I read your post! I hope you will find rest as well.

  4. Totally like you! Hold it ALL in. Thank you for sharing over at Emily's place. I hope you find the answers. I know that medically round robin all too well!

    1. Thanks, Karmen. and thanks for popping in it's always nice to meet new people! I hope you'll come back soon :)

  5. I just went thru this with my son. I not only act this way with myself but my kids too. We all suffer for it. Proactive is the key. I agree.

    1. Yes, I notice my kids picking up on my own. It's so hard to not pass those down, I try hard to get them to open up and talk when I see there is something wrong. I've never been very good at being proactive-at anything-but I see now how right your are, it is key.

  6. "...if you don't deal with what's really going on, eventually it will deal with you."

    This is true on so many levels. We think we need to push past the pain (physical, emotional, ...) instead of acknowledging that we are weaker than we'd like to believe. Thanks for sharing your aha moment with us so we can have our own.


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