Monday, January 13, 2014

Recover the Inner Dreamer

Blossom Bunkhouse

I used to be a dreamer, daydreamer that is. It would get me into all sorts of trouble with my teachers. They would tell my mom, "Alecia doesn't pay attention in class, all she does is daydream."

Boy were they right! I would have rather been anywhere than in that school classroom. Life was waiting to be lived and I knew it wouldn't happen as long as I was sitting in a desk learning how to divide (looking back now, I wish I would have paid attention more, kids stay in school!)

As I grew older dreaming became a thing of the past, real life awaited and in it there was no time for dreams.

Or so I thought....

Today I'm over at God Sized Dreams talking about those lost dreams. Will you join me? <----Click here

I'll meet you over there!


  1. Such a beautiful post, my friend. I love how you said, "I had become convinced that dreams happen to everyone else, but me." I can definitely relate to this. Thanks for your words today :)

    1. Thanks, Lisa! And thanks for all your design tips :)


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