Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Grace-Filled People

''In Him the whole building is joined together...'' photo (c) 2013, Sharon - license:
"Grace is not a reward, it's a gift."
Continuing on with the subject of grace I would like to grace-fully approach being grace-filled people.

Sin management occurs when we get scared of being free. Is grace and freedom really that hard?

Church rules-don't do this, don't go there, don't be seen with them-enslave us and put us in bondage.

But what if?

What if we did the unimaginable and welcomed people from different backgrounds, color, class?

What if there was no longer a dividing line between us and them. 

Grace, it's not a reward for keeping all of your sins neat and tidy and for following all the rules. We can NEVER follow all the rules that's the beauty of grace.

It's so crazy and undeserved.

Whom among any of us would be called good enough?

What if we dared to follow grace and love instead of rules that have become our master?

What kind of radical love can you show someone today that is hurting or in a rough spot in their life?

Do you know of someone going through a divorce? Could you be the person that listens without judgement?

Do you think it will ever be possible for women to love and accept THEMSELVES enough to truly LOVE and accept other women, flaws and all?

God says we can't fully love others unless we love ourselves. And loving ourselves starts with Him. (1John 4:19, 1 John 4:7-8, John 13:34,35)

Being grace-filled means being love-filled.

Until then there will always be jealousy, gossip, bitterness, and envy.

There will be a part of us that is  happy when another woman falters and fails because in some weird unknowingly way it makes us feel better about ourselves.

Are we happy because our sin is still hidden, tucked away safe and secure?

In the Christian churches we make bubbles. We don't mean to they just happen. We make friends, close friends, because we have found people that value the same things that we do. It gets real easy to polish up the outside and "look"like we have it all together.

I want to issue you a challenge. A challenge to make friends outside of your normal circles. With people that aren't christians, with people that left the church because the church hurt them in some way.

With people that look absolutely nothing like you!

A challenge to walk and talk like Jesus. To eat with the "sinners"the lowly and poor among us.

We were all outcasts before Jesus. Only because of him are we now accepted.

"The church is the place where outsiders are no longer strangers but friends, where all are welcomed and everyone finds connection. There, the lowly are lifted up and the destitute given plenty. And those who have been pushed aside find themselves pulled right up to a prime seat at the King's table." (Excerpt from In Touch)

There is no room for judgement or favoritism, not in God's kingdom and surely not in His church.

Today let's choose to be so full of crazy grace that others can't help but be changed by it!

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  1. This is a challenge isn't it?! I don't make friends easily either so being purposeful about looking outside of my comfort zone is tough - but this is a great challenge to have!!

    1. I'm introverted, so I know how tough getting out of your comfort zone can be!!

  2. You've tapped into an extremely valuable truth - especially for the 30-something crowd. It's time to live like Jesus. He did more than understand the grace-filled life, he lived it and so should we. Thanks for a well written post, Alecia.

  3. Oh this totally reminds me of that song "Jesus, Friend of Sinners" by Casting Crowns! Great post- it is something the church needs to be reminded of a lot. I read once that if you think you are close to Christ, but you are never around the lost, then maybe you aren't as close as you think you are because Jesus was always ministering to the lost. Wonderful words and a powerful challenge for us all!

    1. YES! and the song "If We Are The Body" I had that song running through my head as I wrote this. LOVE Casting Crowns, they speak right to the heart of real life. Thanks for sharing that quote with me, very wise.

  4. Love Love LOVE this, Alecia! I'm so glad you had the courage to "go there" like we discussed. You are a beautiful vessel, pouring out Jesus Truth & I am SO cheering you on!! Thank you so much for sending out this challenge, it's one we all can benefit from! Thank you again!! ♥

  5. Alecia, thanks for reminding me that grace extends and loves and accepts and listens.
    So glad you linked up at Thought-Provoking Thursday! :)

    1. thanks for hosting the link up, Lyli and being so encouraging!

  6. Grace is my word for this year and these things fly around in my head all of the time right now. The challenge to get outside of your 'circle' is one that I've been attempting. I feel like it's an outreach having all new girls within a bible study in my home, Oh, but the Lord knows, and by His grace He will be in charge and speak to to be heard.

    1. Definitely an outreach to host a Bible study! Grace is such a good word to have for the year and try to live out. I know you will be such a blessing to those around you.

  7. "Being grace-filled means being love-filled." Amen!! This was a wonderful post, Alecia. Sorry it took me a couple days to stop in. Btw...I think this would be a great post to link up with Outside the City Gate (their Wednesday post has a link up). Just wanted to encourage you to join the community there. But so very grateful you are part of our TWW community!!
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Outside the City Gate has a link up. I like the whole concept around their site, very refreshing! Always good to see you around here, Beth.

  8. Thanks for coming by today, Pat. And yes, striving each day to live out the grace-filled life!


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