Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Journey Thus Far...

This past year if you've read here at all you will know that I've gone on and on a lot about being Fearless

And God in His godly fashion gave me many opportunities to try this new word out. 

  • I started guest posting (yikes) and started accepting guest posts.
  • Went back and forth about whether or not to add ads to the site, there are some, but will probably be none here shortly. 
  • I joined a Mastermind group
  • Joined a critique group
  • Made an mp3 for a book launch (which I hope to make available here soon)
  • Have some book ideas (which I said I would never do, but you know, never say never)

I don't feel as stuck as I did when I started out 2013. I knew I wanted to write more consistently, which I kinda sorta did. I knew I wanted to accept guest posts and do some guest posting (which was scareee) but I did it anyways. And God opened up opportunities to write, to be around godly encouraging women, to be in groups that helped my writing and gave me ideas and tips to be a better "blogger."

It's through one of these groups (a Mastermind group) that I met and became friends with the ladies that now make up the God-Sized Dreams website. 

Also, God laid the importance of community on my heart. As much as I would love to do things alone and be the lone ranger, I can't. That's not how God made me...us.

In order for our dreams to work we have to let others in. And I think that has been the biggest thing I've learned. 

I need others and maybe, they need me too.

I'm already thinking and praying about what my word for 2014 will be, do you know yours?

I'll post all about it when I've officially chosen it. 

I hope for 2014 that I continue to forge ahead fearlessly. God has already laid some things on my heart and I'm already looking for the exit. Watching how Christine, the brain behind the new website, fought through her fears and kept moving forward has been such an inspiration to me. Getting to see behind the scenes and how much prayer and faith is really involved in making your dreams comes true was a great learning experience for me. 

‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.  
Zechariah 4:6 (NIV)  
This is the founding verse of the website and it really says it all. It's not by my might or strength that I will accomplish anything, but through his.

Regardless of what lies ahead "I know who goes before me I know who stands behind, the God of angel armies is always by my side!"(Chris Tomlin-Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) )

Now, who's up for  a link up?? Come and share what God has been doing in your life this past year or just read, whatever, it's up to you! Either way you are welcome and we'd love to have you!! If you don't have a blog, post in the comments, I'll see you there!


  1. Yep you are right - we did need you!! :) So glad to be walking this road with you friend. You are a blessing to me and I am so grateful that you didn't listen to the inner lone ranger and not dive in with us!! :)

    1. I'm so thankful too. I still feel that urge now and then to pull back, but I've gotten better at resisting :) You ladies have been such a HUGE blessing to me, I can't imagine life without you!

  2. What a fearless year! Lots accomplished!

    1. Very scary year, but I managed :) It's exciting to look back on now. Good to see you here, Ashley!

  3. Alecia,

    It's fun to peek in here and watch this journey unfold. Keep grabbing God's strength to live fearlessly! He has plans for you, and things for you to say and do that only you can do.

    Living that adventure with you,
    Jennifer Dougan

    1. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement Jennifer! Here's to another fearless year!!

  4. You make me smile, my friend...I'm so thankful to be sailing this GSD website adventure with you! Thanks for being such an important and treasured part of my community...I'm blessed to call you my friend. Love and hugs! :)

  5. :) Thank you Mel. I feel the same about you!

  6. Community is such a wonderful thing and I didn't even realize how much I needed it until I was a part of it! So glad you joined the journey! I can't wait to see where God leads you this year!

  7. I love, love, love, how COMMUNITY is the big take away from this year of dreaming! It's the refrain that is resounding from post after post, and I couldn't agree more. God used amazing women like you to heal and transform me. Thank you, friend. I can't wait to see how He moved for you in 2014...and to give you a proper hug in April!


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