Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Draw a Circle

They gave us each a piece of chalk. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with it. But the bible study leader explained she got the idea of the chalk from the book The Circle Maker.

The idea is to draw a circle around the things in your life you want to pray about.

I sat there thinking about how my kids would react if I took a piece of chalk to them, or even my husband. Yep, they'd think I'd lost it for sure!

What I decided was to make a big circle on my front porch around the welcome mat to the door. My pink chalk didn't really show up against the red brick of the porch floor, but I knew it was there.

My prayer is for peace, love, and joy. To not only be in me and my family, but for it to overflow to everyone that crosses that welcome mat threshold.

God had been impressing this upon my heart that it could be possible, all these things, but they had to start with me first.

Let there be peace and let it start with me.

Let there be love and let it start with me.

Let there be joy and let it start with me.

It all starts with me...

The holiday's are a perfect time for me to live these truths. As most of us know there are and always will be those in our lives that stretch the boundaries of our peace and patience.

But what if instead of reacting to them the way we want we stop and say "God let there be love in this relationship, and let it start with ME. Show me how to love this person right now in this moment."

I felt the holy spirit whisper, It starts with you several times over Thanksgiving. Whenever I felt frustrated or impatient and didn't want to show grace, It starts with you, would blow over my heart. It stopped me cold a few times ( believe me, it frustrated the dickens out of me too).

But when I forced myself to listen and obey...

Four simple words would change my heart and perspective, and I could feel the shift.

I became more deliberate and breathed deep to react slow.

As the holiday season draws nearer let us strive to be different in this world of need more- want more.

Let us draw a circle around our hearts, homes, friends, and neighbors. Let us be Jesus with skin on to them. And as we fill their cup may He fill ours.

It's tempting to be frazzled and not very dazzled by the lights, music, and endless activities. But in our hearts there can be peace if we choose. The deliberate choice to slow down and know that we don't have to race in order to get ready for Christmas, because it's already come to us, thousands of years ago as a baby born in a manger.

He had no audience, no arrival music or twinkling trees.He came humbly and simply.

He grew up and lived out Love. He's the best example of love, really.

So, Please God, Let It Start With Me. Because, really, change, it always starts with you and me.

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  1. I had a similar thought about this in terms of friendship lately, I've found myself isolated recently and missing friends and this morning I thought, "be a friend." Visiting from #TellHisStory

    1. I think that's how the holy spirit speaks, directly and quietly. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Beautiful post! What a difference this Christmas could make as we each pray, "Let it start with me!". Joining you in that prayer! Thank you!! Visiting from Three Word Wed. today.

    1. Yes, what a difference. Thank you for visiting, have a Merry Christmas!

  3. OH Alicia, I had to get caught up! I went to wordpress and am still trying to figure out how to get back to everyone. I have missed reading and feel after reading your last several posts, WHOA, you have been thru the fire. But yet, you always are persevering to become more like Him.
    I am getting this book, this is the third time I have been told about it.

    And yes, "let it start with me Jesus!"

    1. If this is the third time you definitely need to get the book! :) I haven't read it yet, so if you do, let me know what you think about it.

  4. This is such wisdom...and now I need to read The Circle Maker!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth and thank you for stopping by!


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