Friday, November 1, 2013

FMF-Grace (Day 22)

Five Minute Friday Grace...

What is the fear in grace? Is it the pride that we may be wrong when we give it? That we will be the ones looking foolish for trusting with our heart and not our heads.

I need so much grace every day. I know how weak I am and would not make it through but not for the grace of God. Grace to get over myself. Grace to love the unlovable. Grace to swallow my pride when I want to shout and scream that I know what I'm doing and you are wrong!

So much grace.

What is holding me back from giving what I have received? That is the question I am asking myself. Why do I find it so hard to forgive those that hurt me when Jesus was tortured and killed for all the ways I've hurt him. And he did so willingly and lovingly.                                                                                          

Without fear.
Without withholding.
He saw the bigger picture.

I pray I can see it too.

STOP. writing for 5 minutes (unedited-ok, very little editing ;) grace, please) on grace with Lisa Jo Baker and the rest of the FMF writing community.


  1. Good questions here in your post. I think sometimes wanting things to be fair holds us back from extending grace. Because grace is not about us or about the person deserving it. It's a gift and I believe the strength to extend it comes from Him.

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

  2. I think Christy is right. I think we're often caught up in what's fair, and there's really nothing fair about grace. In fact, grace is totally unfair. We don't like that.

    If Jesus treated me fairly, I'd be damned. Ouch...

  3. It's not always easy, extending grace to those who've hurt us, but I believe when we withhold it, we are hurting ourselves even more. There's a freedom that comes when we offer grace.

    Thanks for this convicting post. Joining you from FMF.


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