Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fearless: 31 Day Series


I've never ever thought about blogging for 31 straight days. Yet, here I am.

I'm hoping it will get me back into some sort of rhythm, as how I have seemed to gotten out of mine in the last year.

I'm going to write, post pictures or scriptures based on my word for the year-Fearless.

I'm going to dig deep and face my fears once and for all. Try to figure out what is at the base of these fears and then take them down one-by-one.

Not only will this be a challenge in fearlessness, but in endurance as well. Can I really blog every day for 31 days?!

We shall see!

And please, if I do give up by day 20 (or 5) promise not to laugh?

If you want you can do this too, one of my favorite home decorating bloggers The Nester is hosting.

This should be fun, or an experience to say the least.

**I wrote this post before my computer crashed :0) so here I am jumping in on day 4! Better late than never huh?


  1. And I will be cheering you on!!! Love that you decided to write on your word for the year. There is this small part of me that would have loved to join in for this 31 Days series but there was no way I'd keep up. Had it been a couple months later just maybe. But I will enjoy reading what you and other share! I hope your computer stops giving you issues. {Hugs}

    1. Thanks Beth! I was going to try and write out a bunch of posts ahead of time, but then the computer crashed....what can you do??? I'm hoping I can keep up!

  2. this is awesome! I need to start doing somethign like this!!! You are my inspiration Alecia!

    1. Thanks Veronica! I've never done this before and I'm not so sure I can keep, but I'm going to try! I'm glad you stopped by :)

  3. I am excited to follow along! I could definitely use a bit of fearlessness in my life :) Our computer was in the shop, so I got a late start too! Looking forward to getting to know you better throughout the month!

    1. Lol, what is it with these computers?! :) Thanks for stopping by, it's nice to meet you!

  4. Oh, friend, I remember when you had those computer troubles, and I so love that you didn't let it deter you and jumped on in! I am a bit in awe of all you 31 day-ers :)


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