Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dare You To Be You:: (Day 4)

Most of us have very strong likes and dislikes from early on in life we know what we are good at and what we aren't.

We use religion, society, environment, our friends to shape us into who we think we should be.

This may or may not be our true identity, but only the brave among us will dare to step out of the mold, break it, and boldly claim who they were created to be.

I think in our world to be a creative is to be looked at as different.

Our world is fast paced, it's a race to the top. With little time to do much of anything else but work.

We run ourselves and take little time to slow down and find out who God created us to really be.

We may not all be artists or writers or musicians. But I do believe that outside of our "work"is play that God created us each uniquely for.

Something that He knew we each individually could turn to, to allow the pace of this world to slow down even for just a few moments.

I've never ever thought about being a writer in any form. It's only in the last couple of years that I felt led to write and I wasn't even sure what for.

Now I know. It's not about getting followers, or comments, or writing a book. It's an outlet. A way to connect with others that I never would have otherwise. It's a way to get out of my own head.

"When I called, you answered me; you make me bold and stouthearted." Psalm 138:3

To find my voice, which I didn't realize I had.

It's growing me.

In the first few days, I would write then withdraw. I was scared and living in this fear of What am I doing?!

With each peck of the keys on the keyboard I was becoming more and more of the person God called me to be. And it took some fearless pecking.

I would even type with my eyes closed :) and breath held and then open and exhale and read what I had just written. I type this now laughing at my silliness, but it's true I was scared.

I think to dare to be you, you have to fearless. You have to let go of the what will others think and the what if's and JUMP!

Do it not because you want to be noticed or become famous, but because you won't have peace with yourself if you don't.

Walk in whom God says you are.

Dare to be you, walk Fearless my friends.

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  1. The statement you made....'WHat am I doing?' that would be me. Whew, I'm glad I am not the only one that has to breath a deep breath before putting something out there.

    Jesus, I'm glad he helps navigate us to be authentic but discerning too.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Such amazing encouragement here! To know that if you walk in who you, you are doing the best you can. All judgment can fall away.


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