Monday, September 9, 2013

Prayer For My Birthday Boy

Today this boy of mine turns nine. My heart can't believe it. I still remember the day they placed him in my arms. He didn't cry he just looked at me with his perfectly round face, olive complexion, and faux hawked hair (courtesy of the nurses :) )


The older he gets the more I realize my time to parent him in my home is slipping through my fingers like water.

I sit here this morning thinking about how much he has grown up this past year and the kind of young man he is growing into. And I'm proud and scared all at the same time.

You see, my boy is innocent and tender hearted. He never wants to hurt anyone's feelings (with the exception being his sister, ha!) and is a people pleaser. He likes small gatherings over big loud ones and he is kinda a perfectionist about his school work (definitely not about keeping his room clean, though).

He's messy and crazy and squeezable and lovable all at the same time. His innocence makes my heart melt and I smile in anticipation of what's going to come out of his mouth next. He makes me laugh like no other.

He has the most amazing piercing blue eyes that are already getting the girl's attention, though he will have nothing to do with them...yet (thank God!)

My heart is full of love for this boy, my baby. When he protested and asked me to stop calling him that I said, "Ok, but even when you're fifty I will still call you my baby, so you might as well get used to it now."

He agreed and still lets me call him baby ;)

As much as I love this boy and want him to be happy and feel and know he is loved I want him to grow up to be a godly man with godly strengths and character more. I know the urge to protect him from heartbreak and disappointment, but sadly that is what this world is full of.

People will let you down, dreams will get crushed, but as long as you have faith you will survive.

As I sat here in my quiet time this morning I knew I wanted to write out a prayer for him and all boys. I see the need for godly men in our world. I see and know the struggle to figure out where God fits into your life.

I know that without God there is no life. Nothing will mean anything, because things can't fill the hole in your soul that was meant to be filled by our Creator.

Dear Lord,
I want to thank you for the precious gift of my son. I am so thankful and blessed each day that I get to be his mom. As much as I want to hold him tight and never let go, I release him to you. This is not easy, you know. It requires a great deal of trust on my part. You alone know what he needs. I release him to you to protect him and care for him. I pray that not my will be done but yours in his life. Help me to release him to you knowing full well that you love him even more than I do.

I pray where there is any area where the devil is trying to speak lies to my son that Your truth will speak louder. I pray that he will feel loved and accepted and deliver him from any lies that would cause him to doubt your love for him. Manifest Your love to him in a real way today and help him to receive it.

I ask that you would penetrate his heart today with your love and grow his understanding of You. Lord, you have said in Your word, "If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved"(Romans 10:9).  I pray for that kind of faith for my son. That he will lead a fruitful life, acknowledging you in every area of his life, and walk in a manner that is pleasing to You.

I pray that You would give Jackson a heart that desires to obey You and  longing to spend time in Your word. By the authority given to me in Jesus' name, I "stand against the wiles of the devil"and I resist idolatry, rebellion, stubbornness, and disrespect; nor will my child walk a path of destruction and death because of them.

Lord, I ask that you would reveal Your will to my son and give him a strong vision for his life. I pray that he won't waste a moment of his time on earth wondering what on earth he was created for. I pray that you will establish the work of his hands and give him the desire to work hard and never be lazy.

Lord, as he leaves my care each day and heads off to school I pray for godly friends for my son. Give him wisdom to choose friends wisely and help him to never compromise his walk with You in order to gain acceptance. Your word says, "He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed"(Proverbs 13:20).

There are so many things that I could and want to pray for Jackson about, but Lord one of the most important and pressing on my heart is that he grow up to be a godly man, husband, and father. That he will accept and embrace his role in the family. That he will love and respect his wife and that divorce never become a part of his family legacy.

You, Lord more than anyone knows how this world can pull at you and try to bring you down. I pray that he will have an unyielding faith to get him through the hard times, may "I'm sorry"be easy to say, and unending grace to forgive others.

My son is your son, Lord. Not my will, but Yours.

In Jesus' name I pray,

Happy Birthday Jackson!! Momma loves you.

If you have ever wanted a resource to help in praying for your children, may I suggest The Power Of A Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian? This is powerful resource filled with over 30 different prayers to pray over your kids. Besides the Bible it's one resource that is never far from my hand.

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful post! (and happy birthday! he is worth celebrating indeed!)

    "penetrate his heart today"...I'll be praying that today for my son as well...thank you...

    1. Thanks Nikki. I pray all our boys will know how deep and wide they are loved by our heavenly Father.

  2. This is beautiful Alecia! I'm bawling again ;) Hope J has a great birthday!!

    1. It's the pregnancy hormones ;) Thanks, he is loving celebrating his bday all wknd!

  3. Thank the Lord that He hears our Momma's heart.

  4. Such a beautiful prayer. Happy Birthday to your precious son.

  5. Hi Alecia! I am coming over from SDG.

    What a beautiful birthday dedication to your loved boy! Your prayers for him are so touching too. I used to pray the same for my children. Good friends to encourage and support them. I so relate.

    How nice to meet you today :) You have a very lovely blog here!

  6. what a handsome lad! what a beautiful tender tribute to your boy.

    my little lass turns one next week, and it blows my mind. one day at a time.

    1. Thank you Rachel. Yes, one day at a time anymore than that and it gets overwhelming :) Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Beautiful prayer! Happy Birthday to your boy... they really do grow so fast!
    We are neighbors over at Jennifer Lee's today!

  8. Alecia,
    What a biblical and beautiful prayer for Jackson...prayed for him as I read ...Happy Birthday to Jackson, your baby...He is blessed to have a godly mom :)

  9. oh friend, your Jackson reminds me of my Aiden. such tender-hearted, innocent boys whom we ache for... because the world can be heartless. yet God is protects the innocent, the Bible says, and this brings me great comfort... happy birthday to your sweet boy!


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