Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Best Charity To Donate To

This week at Holley's place we are talking about our favorite charities. And Compassion International is one of mine.

We started sponsoring our child Lawrence last year after hearing more about Compassion through a concert we had  attended at our church. My daughter begged and begged, so we went online and prayerfully we looked through all of the faces and profiles and stopped on Lawrence.

He is the same age as Keeli and had been on the waiting list for a really long time; that day we decided it was time he waited no more he became our "adopted" child.

Through our donations, Lawrence gets clothes and supplies for school. The extra money we send goes straight to him and his family for their other needs.

Can you imagine not being able to afford to send your child to school? And buy basic necessities?

The testimonies on the website are powerful and if you have ever doubted the power that one life can make you won't after visiting Compassion's website.

We pray for Lawrence daily and hope that he is safe and getting what he needs. Through Compassion, he is getting the chance at a real life. To go to school and get an education to make something out of himself to better not only his life but his family's as well. Many of the kids that graduate end up coming home and helping the community. It's an endless cycle of paying it forward.

And I'm so proud to be a part of it.

Have you been by Compassion? Would you consider taking a look and prayerfully considering sponsoring a child?

God Bless you!

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  1. Alecia, I think it is wonderful you sponser a child and help out a family. What a wonderful gift to give! I think this is something I would like to learn more about.

    1. I hope you do, it's been a HUGE blessing to us.

  2. I love reading about your child that you sponsor. I know you have been such a ray of hope for him, his family and his community. I still humbles me that our God wants to use us to bless others. He doesn't need us to 'help' Him but He wants us to join with Him. Awesome, isn't it !! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Compassion is such an amazing organization! I blogged them about them today, too. We have a little girl we sponsor in Peru :) Loved hearing about your story, so encouraged by it!

    1. That's great Lisa! We would like to sponsor a girl next, Keeli says she has always wanted a sister, and knows this is the only way she can have one :)

  4. I love Compassion and the mission they have to change the lives of so many children. We sponsor a boy from Indonesia, Putra, and my Bible study jumped on board to sponsor another boy named Rian. :) Thank you for sharing this! Blessings, friend!

    1. Me too Mel! That's amazing that your entire Sunday School class joined in. Thank you for sharing!


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