Monday, April 29, 2013

Saturday With Sandi-Rocked!

How many of you have heard a lady named Sandy Krakowski? If you saw her you wouldn't forget her face..or her hair :)

 She is founder of A Real Change (ARC) marketing guru and blowing big businesses minds by bringing God into the workplace and focusing on relationships as key to building and maintaining a successful business.

Recently she came to Dallas! Honestly I had NEVER heard of her before a couple of months ago. I came across her on Facebook, through an acquantaince, whom had "liked"her page and was sharing Sandy's status updates.

Right away I "liked" her. She has a way of speaking right to you and relating. I guess that's why she's so good at what she does.
Dontcha just love that hot pink in front? :) I told my husband I wanted to put some blue or purple in his reaction I don't think he would like that very much :)

Woman has spunk and charisma. And she knows her stuff. 

When I found out she was coming to Dallas, I begged and pleaded  asked my husband if we could go. He thought I was cuckoo, but later surprised me with tickets! :) 

Don't you just love her hair? I know, I already asked that question.

Not only is she good at making other businesses successful she has one heck of a story. Gang raped in her twenties by a group of "friends," with whom she met while competing in body building, did steroids that have led to multiple health problems. Later became a single parent before marrying her now husband. Homeschooled all three of her boys and ran a successful home products business out of her house. 

She found what she was good at, marketing these home products to sell, and with God's daily help figured out how to be successful at it. And is now a generous millionaire that works with her boys and husband.

Maybe the secret to her success is just being herself and not caring what others think? Hmmm, she may be onto something.

We sang, worshiped, and some danced. We saved nothing for later.

She is an example of God's redeeming grace and mercy in our lives if we give Him our mess. She now has a message from it. And she is touching countless lives all over the world.

Her message that day was powerful. Shush your fears and trust God with your dreams. We are powerful people in Christ and we should live like it!! Get out of the cage that holds us back and oppresses us and live in freedom.

Now, you're probably wondering why I wanted to go and listen to a marketing expert speak? I don't know. :)  I knew that it wouldn't be just on marketing ( I don't have anything to sell right now anyways), but I knew there would be some kind of message for me. Some sort of motivation for me to take home and apply to my own life.

And there was. It went along perfectly with the God Sized Dreams I've been pursuing and living fearlessly this year. There actually wasn't much if any business talk. God laid a message on her heart and she went for it! Bravefully (caution, I'm making up new words now)

I'm so glad I went!
And since Trey ended up not being able to come, my friend Christy did. She had NO idea what she was getting into, but she was good sport :) Thanks Christy!

"The one with the most hope has the most influence" Sandi Krakowski

What about you? Who influences you to live your best life?

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