Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Day In The Life Of An Ordinary Day

Most days look like the day before it. Sometimes there are things that need to be done out of the ordinary and then I long for my ordinary back again. make sense?

I start my day at 6 am, it used to be earlier but for some reason lately I've needed more sleep.
I wake up and head straight for the Keurig machine and make my morning coffee. I've seriously thought about giving up this little habit, but not anytime soon :)

I check in with my HelloMornings group #Risewiththeson, catchy, eh?

We are going through Abounding Hope a bible study written by Katie Orr. It bounces around between Job, Psalms, and now Genesis. Showing how certain men in the bible went through hard circumstances and found hope through their story and how God redeemed their loss and pain.

Anyways, once I check in and wish all of my lovely ladies in my group a #Hellomorning, I do Abounding Hope and if there's time before the kids get up, Esther too. Which I'm doing in-real life with a group of ladies that live close to me. It's a Beth Moore study, my first, and it's amazing. Through both of these studies God has been showing me so much!

I make my breakfast, and realize one child is still snoozing I run back up the stairs and see sleeping beauty still tucked snug in her bed with no hint of waking any time soon!

I rush her around and scold her for not getting up with her alarm, which she acknowledges, knowing that she is going to do it tomorrow morning too. Grrrr, tweens! I think there is a big yellow school bus in that girl's future. ( You know, I read somewhere that raising tweens is like going back to the toddler stage, I agree 100%)

If we aren't in the car pulling out at 7:30 am we are going to hit major neighborhood traffic, I know this, the boy knows this, even the girl knows this, but yet we wait every morning for her. I stare glaringly at her as she makes her way into the van, she knows...so therefore, she avoids eye contact.

Once my they are dropped off I come in grab my breakfast and start in on the emails and FB updates.

Sometimes when I'm through I clean up the kitchen and other times, I let the dishes soak ;) for just a little while longer.

I've been trying to get better at working out, some days I'm good, some days I'm not. But for extra motivation I decided to do an April Beachbody Fitness Challenge, oh yeaaah.

My sister and I will be joining a few others to motivate each other and workout and Eat Clean for the next month. If you are ever interested in doing this or want to know more check this link out here, Beach Body. I'm sure you've heard of Insanity and P90X, they make their home at the Beach Body network along with many others. It's also home to Shakeology, which will be my breakfast for the next month, mmmmm.

Once I've worked up a sweat, I'm almost tempted to get those dishes done, but, naaah, I usually hit the shower instead!

Then sit down to write. No distractions. Not even music, it distracts me. I'll find myself thinking and singing the songs instead of focusing on what is was I wanted to write about.

I have to focus.

Because the temptation to get back on FB or start reading others pages is really tempting. And then before I know it's lunch, and I've accomplished nothing.

In this ordinary day, sometimes it's hard to see the hand of God doing anything extraordinary. It seems kinda mundane to me.

But I think the whole point for me in my life is prioritizing. Knowing what's first and foremost and then working down from there.

I think God has been impressing that priorities need to be in order before big dreams can be realized.

Him and family come first. I could tend to be on the workaholic side if I let myself. Working and not giving myself  any boundaries because I feel what I'm doing is more important than, whatever my family needs at the moment. Or let me say not need, but want.

Focus and time management are the biggest things that I think God is teaching me. I have a little time to write and network and figure out what I'm doing and where He's leading and if I waste that time, then it's wasted and I won't get it back. And I can't get frustrated and angry at the kids because they want me and need me when they get home.

So, even though I may think sometimes these days are filled with mundane never endingness, they are really filled with little blessings that one day I will be able to look on with deep appreciation. These are the days I can't get back. The small beginnings, and I'm learning to be thankful for them.

Join Holley as today we tackle-What’s a typical day in your life like right now? How can you see God’s hand in the middle of the “small” and ordinary too?

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  1. Every single time you write something I get excited because it always speaks to me,always! Yes, prioritizing my life so that God can make the mundane extraoridnary. I love it AGAIN!

  2. Thank you SO much! That is the best compliment. You really made my day, truly :)

  3. Focus is so hard for me too. I now have the time to write, to dive into a bible and workout but I struggle in focusing on the must-dos and should-dos verses the time stealer/wasters. I love you sharing your heart.

  4. I love this peek at your day, friend! I had to smile when you said that raising a tween is similar to a toddler...oh, boy, the things to come! :) So thankful for you and your encouragement...have a wonderful day! Blessings!

    1. oh yes, much fun coming your way!! :) But in one sense it's easier because you can reason with an older child and talk through things, which as you know, you can't do with a toddler.

  5. i love the way you open your day with prayer and devotion (and coffee!) friend... what a beautiful way to rise.

  6. Beautiful blessed days!

    Hi friends,

    OK I have been in a blogger nightmare the last few days. My .com was high jacked and I have been trying to work out all the kinks so
    Google friends connect and feeds will still work. I think I did it!!!!

    Even if you already re subscribed once IT IS NOT WORKING. I had to adjust some sight settings and you need to do it again.

    Anyway I want to ask once more time that you would visit my new URL and resubscribe through which ever reader you uses.


    This is the instructions to resubscribe through Google friends Connect

    Go to my new address http://teshastreasures.blogspot.com/

    Go to Google friends connect and sigh in,
    Then go to options, sight settings hit stop following this blog (on the right hand side)
    Next refresh the page
    last re-follow the blog

    I am so sorry for the hassle. I love the relationships we have built through the internet let keep them going!
    Thank you so much for your support and understanding!


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