Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keep Pushing Play

I do what I ought not to do instead of what I should

 I often trip myself up, I start out strong with good intentions then somewhere along the way. I decide I'm not making enough progress so I  give up, slowly.

I start making excuses of why it won't work, start comparing my gifts with others, especially when good things start happening for them and I feel like I'm still at the starting line.

I realized this morning as I was going through the all too familiar routine of, should I or shouldn't I work out. Yes, I know I should, but I don't want to!

I want to pretend I don't need the exercise that I'm fine not feeling my best physically, that it doesn't really matter, because I have more important things to worry about.

But later, when I 'm getting dressed and I'm beating myself up when my jeans are tight (I usually like to blame the dryer when this happens) I remember I did myself no good when I made the choice to not work out.

All my good intentions lead to nothing if I don't make the steps towards my goal. Whether it's weight loss or working on a dream.

This morning, I got up got dressed and made up my mind to workout as soon as I got home from dropping the kids off. Then, I could get showered and dressed and have plenty of time to write and do my other stuff around the house; before it would be time to pick them back up, do dinner, homework, and rush off to baseball practice.

But....I got home and realized I hadn't eaten breakfast yet, so I was pretty hungry. And you know you can't make it through a workout on an empty stomach. So I ate.

Well, then I couldn't work out on a full stomach :)

You know where I'm going with this...

An hour later I was caught up on emails, Facebook, and Twitter, I also read a couple of posts from other writers...and then decided it was time to workout.

yay!! {insert sarcasm}

I got my workout video in got everything all set up...then sat down. Why oh why, did I sit down!?

The couch~my nemesis.

I sat and pondered, it was already almost 10 o'clock do I really want to spend the next hour working out, when I could just get dressed and get busy? Because once I sit down to write job hunt, hi hunny! :o), time gets completely away from me.

Hmmmm, what to do, what to do.

So, I bent over to untie my shoes, I decided to hit the shower. There's always tomorrow. Besides, I didn't know what I wanted to write about today anyways. We are supposed to stop delaying and start doing this week, so I'd better get on that and figure out what I wanted to say.

That's when it hit me...conviction. Hard. I'm always putting off till tomorrow. Especially when it comes to my health and well being.

If I don't stop making excuses and start today, I will always keep putting off until tomorrow.

I almost cried as I bent back down and retied my shoes, I know, sad.

I pushed play, and finished the whole darn thing!!

It felt good to finish and I felt strong afterwards. I felt a sense of pride for following through and not giving in to the sloth monster.

It's the same with anything else. Whether it's working out, or going after a dream, we have to start. I think the hardest thing about starting is starting. The first day is the toughest. After you get over that slump the rest is much easier.

And as you see I found my words for this post. I can think of a million reasons for not starting. But none of them are any good. They show my procrastination, fear, laziness for not doing what's in front of me each day.

I don't have to be a rock star, I just need to show up and be and do what God has called me to each day.

No more excuses.

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  1. Exercising sucks. No way around it. But you are right -- you feel so much better afterwards.

  2. Good for you, Alecia! The older you get, the harder it becomes. And the more tempting the couch ;) Keep up that good habit, even when you don't feel like it!
    Linking up from SDG,
    Susan in VA

    1. Thanks Susan, my mom tells me that all the time, and I'm starting to realize that for myself now!

  3. Your title caught my eye "Keep pushing play" I don't know if your workouts are P90X-like, but that is what Tony Horton says in the P90X videos--"Keep showing up. Keep pushing play."

    It's so true. Like everyone, I struggle with getting started. But once I do, I'm always glad I did. And I also have cried at the beginning of workouts. I've also cried at the beginning of cleaning the house or the beginning of decluttering the basement. But the feeling afterwards is fantastic. And it also produces forward momentum to carry me through to the next thing.

    Thanks for the inspiration.
    (found you at Jen's)


    1. Ahh, yes Tony Horton, I know him well ;) We do P90x, I like his little bits of wisdom and encouragement among the other stale jokes he tells :)
      Glad I'm not the only that has a hard time getting started!!

  4. Clapping and cheering for you really LOUD! Woohoo for that workout! And way to go...it's so tough to push through doing what we know we need to, even if there are plenty of (good) excuses. :)

    Here's something that might help you or encourage you...because I'm a runner but I detest running when it's super cold outside. Pinterest is an awesome source for different workouts...and I've found some that are actually fun. Maybe that might make it a little more enjoyable? (Then you can watch a movie or a tv show while you work out.) :)

    Blessings to you, Alecia...thank you for the encouragement today! :)

    1. Thanks Mel!!! I don't know why I didn't think of Pinterest before, I always find so many other good ideas on there :) and I hate doing anything when it's a little cold ;) Working out in the winter is the hardest!

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  6. Your words are beautifully encouraging! I'm thrilled to journey alongside you as we pursue all HE has for us.

  7. Congrats on finishing your workout but even more so on finding the dedication to just push play. That thought process is something I need to apply in many areas of my life, including working out.


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