Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Next Step Towards Your Dream

I took a fearless step yesterday, I signed up to host an (in)RL conference (registration started yesterday). I wanted to do this last year, to take that step towards brave community but a) didn't know anyone, because we had just moved to Iowa b) lived on a farm with Internet that was barely above dial up; I knew streaming anything from my computer for others to watch was out of the question.

It would have taken all day to watch the broadcast, plus we would have reached our max for usage and it would have shut down our Internet for at least a month :-)

I swore to myself last year that when we moved this year I would sign up to host. Boy, I had all kinds of feelings when I filled out that registration, I was excited and kinda nervous. What if nobody comes?

I'm starting to realize that these feelings are always going to be there when I decide to step out, I guess this is what living fearless feels like, it's becoming my new normal.

So if you live in the Denton/Dallas area Ima hosting and would love to meet you!

If you don't live close by check out the link here to register and sign up for a group near you!

This was my small step, cause ya know. It takes a whole bunch of small steps that equal up to big things in the end when we want to reach our goals. Baby steps people, I'm all about baby steps.

I'm also signed up to be an Accountability Captain for Hello Mornings. I knew that for me just signing up to be in a group wouldn't cut it, I would too easily slip through the cracks, on purpose. And it's not that I'm a morning person, but I do have more energy in the mornings once I'm up and out of bed, and I  like to get as much accomplished before lunch as possible. It's just how I'm wired. (Registration starts Jan 16th-23rd)

If I sleep in the the rest of the day I feel like I'm one step behind all day long. I used to be really good about getting up early and people would think I was crazy especially since I didn't work outside the home, but it was my rythmn and it worked for me...it also helped get my mind right before the kids got up so that I wouldn't bite their heads off before they had breakfast :-)

And trust me once you commit to getting up the devil will start messing with you. It's almost like he was in there whispering in their ears, "get uuup" "your mom is awake, it's time to play and eat and watch some toons" I would get so frustrated!

And would want to give up, but if I stayed with it, they eventually would stop and my routine could continue kid free. I hope you will consider joining my group for the Winter Challenge (it's free!). If you sign up tomorrow there will be FREE prizes!! i love free!

I'm doing a Twitter group(central time zone), I'm not sure what all being a captain entails, will you please show me some grace till I get it all figured it out? Knowing that I'm to get up and tweet you and encourage you will surely get my hiny up and moving! So let's do this together!!

I pray you will be brave and take that next step towards your dream/goal today too, no step is too small.

So thankful for the many opportunities to serve and the encouragement to take small steps towards my dream.
And so thankful for you, for taking time to come here and read, I've prayed for you, you know.

Linking up with Holley and the other dreamers, join us? and Soli deo Gloria

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  1. Hey I'm linking up with you via God's Sized Dreams...Holley's page! I really admire your courage. I know what it is like to move. We have lived in four different house in ten year, and we went from FL to GA to KS and back to FL in our 10 years of marriage. Being an AC will be fun for Hello Mornings! I did it last fall on a Facebook group...it was great. I met some great new online buddies. I'm doing it again on Twitter too for the EST. Look forward to seeing you on Twitter! I just followed you...I'm graceglimmers if you want to follow me! :) I will pray for you.

  2. Hey Thanks!! I'm a little nervous about the Hello Mornings, so I appreciate the encouragement! I'll follow back :)

  3. Wishing you blessing in your adventures - and that little ones sleep just long enough! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Especially when He is there with yoU!

  4. Good luck with your adventure.


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